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Become a Michigan real estate agent and earn 100% commission

Earn 100% commission as a real estate agent

Whether you’re a brand new Michigan real estate agent or a seasoned real estate advisor, brokerage splits take away from your hard-earned commission. We believe our real estate agents should earn 100% commission. Stop giving away 20-50% of your commission to your brokerage for “marketing” and “overhead” fees.

At Crown Properties International, you keep 100% of your commission on all your real estate transactions.

Why you should join Crown Properties International as an agent

Crown Properties International is an agent-oriented business and has been operating for 20 years in Michigan. When you join Crown Properties International, you become part of our family.

Real estate agents at Crown Properties International earn 100% commission. Other benefits and services we provide to our agents:

  • Leads – We currently have more business than our current team of agents can handle. Through our website and social media, we are also acquiring new leads every day to give to our agents.
  • Training – We offer trainings on everything from how to use social media to generate business, to lead nurturing, to 1-on-1 sales.
  • Marketing support – You will have your own agent page showing all your active listings. We also offer free business cards, free signs, and more.
  • Community – Stay in touch with other agents through internal email lists and agent Zoom roundtables. Find new business, refer your customers, get open house support, and more through our internal agent community.
  • Commercial real estate – In addition to residential real estate, we assist your clients with their commercial real estate transactions as well. We have a property management available to help you with your needs.
  • In-person office – You can work wherever you prefer. We have a brick and mortar office in the central business district of Troy. If you need, you can use our office to work, print, and arrange closings.
  • Personal enrichment – We are working on providing additional benefits such as free subscriptions to online education platforms like MasterClass and Skillshare. We want to increase your knowledge on all things real estate and beyond.

100% commission membership plan for real estate agents

These are the costs to you as an agent when you get a membership with Crown Properties International. There are no other hidden printing, marketing, or legal fees aside from what’s listed below. You will always keep 100% of your commission.


$295/transaction (compliance fee)

$250 setup fee

$100/yr E&O Insurance

Traditional Brokerages vs. Crown Properties International

Here is a scenario to show how much more you can earn at Crown Properties International compared to the big traditional real estate brokerages. Assume the following:

  • You sell 15 homes a year
  • Each home is $200,000
  • Your commission is 3% on each home
  • Your gross commission: $90,000

Traditional broker model

Your commission split is 65/35 so you pay your broker $31,500 of your hard-earned commission. You may have to pay other franchise and administrative fees too. Your take-home commission is only $58,500.

Crown Properties International membership model

You keep 100% of your commission. After paying for your membership for a year, your take-home commission is $81,685. This is more than $20,000 going into your pocket compared to a traditional broker!

Compare your earnings at Crown Properties International with other Michigan Brokerages

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