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Michigan Residential and Commercial Property Management

Crown Realty & Management does residential and commercial property management around the United States. Call us at (248) 816-1888 or E-mail us at to learn more.

Our customer relations team is dedicated to serving all of our clients and delivering exceptional commercial and residential estate services

Why do you need Property Management?

Hiring a property management company is a smart and cost-effective investment. A property management team can work with you to:

  1. Handle all accounting and provide financial documents for your record
  2. Build and sustain outstanding relationships with tenants and contractors
  3. Manage daily and emergency maintenance or repair for residential and commercial properties
  4. Negotiate and maximize your value of lease agreements
  5. Conduct property inspections and prepare rental/sale listings

Why choose Crown Realty & Management?

Crown Realty & Management has been working with clients and business professionals since 2007, regionally and internationally. We are an experienced and dependable  team that specializes in residential and commercial property management. In order to provide the best service for each client, we maintain a trustworthy business relationship with owners and renters through effective communication and organization.

Our Residential and Commercial Property Management Services

Residential Property Management

We manage properties in New York, Florida, Texas, Michigan and California. Our portfolio includes condos, traditional family homes, and more. The customer relations team has thorough knowledge of each particular area to stay on top of local & state regulations, homeowner’s association procedures, and even landscaping processes.

For all our residential properties, we offer a comprehensive set of services that include:

  1. Inspections – Property inspections and walkthroughs, including unit preparation
  2. Listing Documents – Preparation of proper listing documents for draft leases, lease terminations, and lease agreements
  3. Liaison to 3rd Parties – Collaboration with listing agents, home warranty companies, and utility companies
  4. Management – Administration, renting, maintenance, and repair services
  5. Monthly Statements & Reporting – Coordination with owners on monthly statements (includes rent receipts, expenses, management fees, maintenance, etc)
  6. Insurance – Comparison of competitive insurance policy quotes from trusted agencies

Commercial Property Management

We manage commercial properties all over Southeast Michigan. These units are occupied with retail, office, and mixed-use tenants. Client satisfaction means you can rely on the customer relations team to manage the property and protect your investment like it was our own.

For our commercial properties, communication with the tenants is key to success. For scheduling maintenance, lease renewals, or setting up showings, these are services handled by the our customer relations team. Additional services include:

  1. Preparation & Inspection – Rental unit preparation and inspection/visitation (tenant screenings, tenant insurance policies, property walkthroughs)
  2. Leases – Lease drafts, lease amendments, and rule enforcement
  3. Service Vendors – Oversight of service requests and service contracts by contractors and vendors
  4. Reporting – Monthly financial reporting and property accounting
  5. Maintenance – Physical and preventative maintenance (such as snow plowing, lot sweeping, heating/cooling, etc)

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