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Lake Orion

Lake Orion, Michigan Community

About Lake Orion

Lake Orion is a community in on the northern outskirts of Metro Detroit, Michigan. It is sometimes referred to by Lake Orion the village and Lake Orion Township. The village is a part of the township too. Lake Orion was once a resort town. It later became incorporated into a bedroom village.

The median household income of Lake Orion is $67,772 annually. The average income of a resident in Lake Orion is $35,380.

Lake Orion Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

  • The Forest Hills subdivision in Orion Lake is a mix of city and nature. It has many mature trees and is located in a private development with lots of rolling hills. It has shopping centers, recreational facilities, entertainment, and restaurants. Grand Rapids, MI is just a few minutes away from Forest Hills.
  • The Preserve is a Pulte sub-division in Lake Orion. Most of the houses built in there were built between 1996 and 1998 with prices starting in the $200s. Most of the houses are 2 story homes with some ranch homes. It has a swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, a playground, a small lake, and sidewalks.
  • Round Tree – is a 223 home subdivision in Lake Orion. The houses were built between 1993 and 2003. The houses start at 1828 sq. ft. to over 2000 sq. ft. It has sidewalks and a recreation area. The High School is just across the road and has a swimming pool and tennis courts. The sub-division is a few minute’s drive to I-75; exit 81. Bark Park and Orion Oaks County Park are a 5-minute drive from Round Tree. All the sports that are offered in Lake Orion are also just 5-minutes away.

Lake Orion History

The first settlers to Lake Orion, MI were Judah Church and Moses Munson. Munson built a sawmill in 1825, where he planted the first orchard. It was first known as Decker’s Settlement. It eventually grew into a commercial center with a tavern, sawmill, post office, blacksmith shop, cemetery, school, and general store. A power dam was built in 1828 that would eventually form the mile-wide Lake Canandaigua.

Jesse Decker raised the first frame barn in 1830, along with local Indians. In 1832, the first post office opened and Decker was postmaster. The community’s name was changed in 1835 and became Orion. Decker became Orion’s first Supervisor and earned a salary of $2.00 a year. In 1836 two persons were given a license to operate a tavern. Decker was eventually to the Michigan House of Representatives in 1837. He also served as justice of the peace in Orion. A Marine Postal Center was established in 1909, which delivered mail to more than three hundred cottages along the lake and on the islands. Lake Orion was the first city in the United States that ran this type of postal service.

In 1929, Fellow aviator, William Edmund Scripps, invited Amelia Earhart to visit Lake Orion. That same year she flew a glider as part of an experiment. Also, in 1929, this is when Orion officially became Lake Orion.

Lake Orion Real Estate

The median home value in Orion is roughly $236,600. The home values in Lake Orion are predicted to rise by 2.0% in the next year.

Lake Orion Schools

Students in Lake Orion attend Lake Orion Community Schools and it is also located in Lake Orion, Michigan. There are also students from the Village of Lake Orion and Orion Township that attend these same schools.


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Lake Orion Parks and Recreation

  • Green’s ParkRestrooms, changing facility, picnic tables, basketball courts, swings, playground area, grills, kayak, paddleboard rentals, grills, bike racks, and beach access with lifeguards on during in the summer.
  • Children’s Park – Bike racks, 2 play areas, picnic tables

Lake Orion Restaurants, Bars, and Shopping

  • Sagebrush Cantina – Moderately priced local Mexican cuisine, with vegetarian options, served in a family-friendly setting. Dine-in or take out is offered. Meals are served for lunch, dinner and after hours.
  • CJ’s Lakeside Grill – A favorite amongst many locals is this community restaurant that serves American food and is also family-friendly. Most prices are considered ‘cheap’, which makes an even better dining option if you have a family to feed.
  • Bad Brads BBQ – Here is another family favorite in Lake Orion, MI. They strive to serve the best BBQ everyday. The meat is cooked slow and low, this is the Bad Brads way, which is why so many love it.
  • Palazzo Di Bocce – Anyone seeking Italian cuisine can visit Palazzo Di Bocce. It offers authentic Italian food in a great atmosphere. Like with any Italian restaurant, bring your appetite with you because chances are that you will want more of what you just ate.

Lake Orion Points of Interest

  • Lake OrionThis is a medium-sized Michigan inland lake consisting of 50 acres. The lake has a maximum depth of 80 feet with an average depth of 16 feet. This lake is in the Village of Lake Orion and the Orion Township. Lake Orion is the eighth largest lake in Oakland County.
  • IslandsThere were several islands in Lake Orion. Some of these islands have residences living on them all-year-round. Bellevue and Park are the largest islands. They are connected to the mainland by two-lane bridges. These bridges are used throughout the year. The Bellevue Bridge has a clearance of 9.6 feet. The Park Island bridge has a clearance that is a lot lower, which will only allow kayaks, rowboats, and canoes under it. The other islands can be reached by the watercraft.