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9 Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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Flemington is the second-largest city in Oakland County. Farmington Hills Michigan has beautiful spots, fantastic food, and lovely folks. You can eat any cuisine from Farmington Hill’s restaurants and cafes. Each eatery offers you a variety of flavors that are different from each other, which makes your trip pleasant.

9 Best Restaurants in Farmington Hills, Michigan

  1. Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Hungry Howie’s Pizza is the best place for cheese lovers. They use fresh ingredients, such as they made mozzarella cheese and dough daily. Pizza lovers can eat various flavors of pizzas in this place. They have a variety of flavors of pizza, such as sesame, butter cheese, ranch, butter cheese, garlic, and others.

They also make other meals like wings and salads. BBQ, buffalo, meat-eaters, and Philly cheesesteak are their unique pizza flavors.

  1. Breakfast Club


The Breakfast Club is an old-style restaurant. They have a variety of dishes on their menu, including creative contemporary and traditional dishes. You can eat lunch and breakfast in this restaurant.  Their menu includes pancakes, waffles, cakes, waffles, sandwiches, and coffee.

They make an excellent California omelet with cheddar, tomatoes, smokehouse bacon, and avocadoes. Breakfast Club also serves a bowl called Tuscan breakfast bowl, which has red peppers, spinach, jack cheese, artichoke hearts, and potatoes. If you are planning to visit this place, then try their gingerbread and French toast.

  1. Cafe Cortina

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This place is best for you if you are planning to have an event in any restaurant. Café Cortina has Italian cuisine and has a beautiful ambiance with an old theme interior.

They have different nourishments for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. You can eat roasted pear salad, basil ravioli with ricotta cheese in the morning. For dinner, you can order Black Angus fillet mignon with mushrooms and a layer of spinach lasagna. They have amazing desserts like chocolate gouache cake.

  1. Jaws Jumbo Burgers

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People who love to watch movies while eating can have a lot of fun here. This restaurant has a movie theater dining room, which shows some adventurous family films such as Superman, Jaws, and Back to the Future.

The restaurant also has an aquarium with sharks and provides you a high top dining table. At jaws, you can pick any of their verity of food like celebrity burger, chicken or fish sandwiches, wings, or grilled subs. They also have ice creams and milkshakes to make your experience more delightful.

  1. Tomatoes Apizza

This is another fantastic restaurant with a beautiful interior. The Tomatoes Apizza offers you a variety of Italian pizzas. Moreover, people who want to eat vegetarian pizza can also find their pizza in Tomatoes Apizza. They have special pizzas like Pecorino Romano and Red Red Sauce.

  1. Hong Hua

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People looking for authentic Chinese can enjoy this high rated Cantonese restaurant.  You can eat some fantastic Chinese appetizers such as chicken lettuce wraps, shrimp dumplings, and shrimp balls. Hong Hua has many seafood dishes like fried shrimp and Szechuan shrimp with mushrooms and green peppers. You can also find beef, vegetables, and poultry dishes at Hong Hua.

  1. Ocean Prime – Detroit

This restaurant is the best choice for cocktails, lunch, and dinner. The place has a beautiful ambiance and impressive menu, including seafood, steaks, and signature cocktails. Their list includes some exceptional variety of food and beverages such as fillet, soups, salad, wine, burgers, sushi, beer, and cocktail.

This place is best if you want to celebrate and organize any event. Also, you can have meetings and gatherings in this amazing location.

  1. Prime29 Steakhouse

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Steak lovers can find some best mild and spicy flavors of steak in this restaurant. The Prime29 Steakhouse has a desirable and elegant ambiance. This place is perfect for dining. They have some best quality fresh seafood.  Moreover, they have desserts, wines, scotches, and other items on their menu.  If you want dinner in a private space, they are also willing to arrange it for you.

  1. Bacco Ristorante

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Bacco Ristorante has been providing some amazing Italian dishes since 2002. Even if you don’t like Italian cuisine, you will still fall in love with their flavors and beautiful ambiance. They are also famous for their imaginative dishes,   and this is the best place to visit in Farmington Hills Michigan.


Bottom Line

Farmington Hills Michigan has some amazing food places. Most of them have beautiful interiors, which reminds you of either any culture or any passed era.  If you are going Farmington but not tried upper mentioned restaurants and cafes, it means you have missed a lot of things to taste.

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