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Count me in: Life in South East Michigan

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South East Michigan’s boarder starts with the Detroit River heading up from Lake Erie through the shallow waters of Lake St. Clair before heading North on the St. Clair River to Lake Huron.  Head West from Lake St. Clair across M-59 to M-23 then south to the Ohio boarder, and you get the rough geography of South East Michigan.

It’s a lot of area, and there’s a lot of diversity in both the people and the communities in which they live. Like the rest of Michigan, wilderness and water define the area’s character. And while much of South East Michigan’s wilderness now provides solid, stable housing with good opportunity for work, play, education and investment.

The water winter wonderland

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Source: Traverse Michigan

The abundance of water and winter make Michigan a water winter wonderland. The state has the largest freshwater shoreline and ranks high among states with overall coastline. Michigan’s wintery weather makes it a destination location for winter sports. In particular, the South East portion of the state provides the state’s most unique blend of Michigan lakes and outdoor activity.

Michigan boat ownership is second in the nation only recently surpassed by California. It’s not surprising because the state’s shoreline rivals those with ocean access. Add the inland lakes to the Michigan coastline and you’ll find that Michigan recreational waters  is always just six miles away anywhere in the state.

For sportsman, South East Michigan is rich in outdoor activity. Boating or Kayaking in the summer, hiking year round, and snowmobiling and skiing are all part of the Michigan sportsman’s paradise.

Jobs in South East Michigan

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Source: Forbes

Michigan’s automotive industry has long dominated transportation innovation and design. And that tradition continues with investments expanding in advanced manufacturing, battery technology and electric cars, and driverless vehicles.

Michigan’s Science and engineering leadership rests on the availability of trained engineers and access to world recognized research facilities. And most Michigan science and engineering activity is in Michigan’s South East lower peninsula. Particularly, the tri-county area of Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties.

But opportunity for career advancement in Michigan is diverse. The area’s dominate industries may be automotive, but agri-business is our second largest industry and innovations in cybersecurity. And Michigan’s advancement in medical devices, health care, defense, materials science, and aerospace also provide opportunity for economic security in the state.

Investing in South East Michigan

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Source: Wikipedia

Investments in Michigan continue to grow, working to capture a leading position in new technology sectors. With Michigan university academic research power houses like University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University, Michigan academics lead the nation in innovation.

Creating new jobs and delivering returns on investment dollars places Michigan’s research facilities at the top of the national, and international list of highly respected facilities.

But the investment goes further than technology. Michigan’s robust growth curve, particularly in Michigan’s most recognizable urban center, Detroit, sparks a true renaissance in South East Michigan. Developing urban centers with a variety of housing stock and developing mass transportation options tailor South East Michigan’s future for the fast track.

Detroit, the heartbeat of South East Michigan, is taking the lead in urban revitalization with public private partnerships designed to foster cooperation and reginal growth benefiting the entire state. South East Michigan is the heart of the State’s economic future.

Michigan education opportunity

michigan education

Source: Detroit News

Some of the nation’s best school systems are in South Eastern Michigan. Success of our student’s is a priority for many parents and schools in Michigan. And even in area’s lacking in public options, private options offer educational opportunities of choice for South East Michigan residents.

Working with this public-school option, South East Michigan offers some leading community colleges as well. Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties maintain two-year collegiate programs through their community college system.

These community college’s prepare students for jobs in healthcare, technology, arts and science, or transfer to the four-year university of the student’s choice. Together with Michigan’s smart education funding with either the MET, or Michigan’s MESP, South Eastern Michigan’s educational opportunities for children tops the list of Michigan priorities.

South Eastern Michigan housing opportunities

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Source: University of Michigan

South Eastern Michigan offers housing styles for any taste. The large suburban rings of Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties offer an eclectic blend of urban, suburban, and rural environments.

Each community is distinct, flavored in Michigan’s rich history of immigration. Look anywhere and you can find entertainment, food, and shopping culture from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. The vibrant communities of Plymouth, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Troy, Rochester, and Ann Arbor bring housing and cultural opportunities not found in other parts of the country.

The richness of culture in South Eastern Michigan is because of the hospitality and opportunity the area has offered immigrants from around the world through the decades of Michigan economic growth. People locate to Michigan to find work, stable housing, and a future for their families.

Realtors specialized in the South East Michigan area

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Source: Kaplan Real Estate Education

With such a wide variety of communities, housing and education, it can seem daunting for home buyers in South East Michigan. But with the right guidance you can find the right home in the right location giving you the best Michigan Living experience.

That’s what we do here ad Crown Properties. Our team is the most experienced team of realtors serving the South East Michigan area. In fact, it’s the only team with enough depth to cover the diversity of South East Michigan.

If you’re looking to relocate to Michigan from another part of the States, or from another part of the world, you want to talk to the Crown Properties team. We give all our clients personalized service and attention to detail they need to make the best home buying decision for their family.

And we do so much more. We work with all price ranges of homes. Our expertise ranges from the well-heeled communities of Franklin, Bloomfield Hills, and Grosse Pointe, to the solid suburban areas of Troy, Novi, Rochester, and Plymouth. We know the area’s urban and rural centers too.

So if you’re looking for realtors who can help you navigate the complexity of South East Michigan as well as the home buying process, call Crown Properties International.

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