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From Lake to Lake: 9 Best Spots You Can Visit in Birmingham, Michigan

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So you’ve decided to visit Birmingham; a wise choice, I must say. The Magic City of England, Birmingham’s one of the most recognized cities of Michigan, for its rapid growth. It is also one of the youngest major cities in the entire continent of Europe, with 40% of its population being around 25 years old. This could explain why Birmingham produces inventions in the highest numbers in all of the UK.

Even though Birmingham’s been around since the 1800s, you can now find modern upscale suburbs, reputable schools, and educational institutes, lively downtown with unique bars, restaurants, shopping centers, and malls in this metropolitan. Walking on the streets of Birmingham, you can expect to feel a nostalgic 1900’s vibe about the place.

A safe, livable area like Birmingham naturally attracts high-status individuals to take up residence, which is why so many celebrities and sports stars live here. All factors contribute to the fast appreciating values of the local properties.

With so many places to visit and sites to see, this article will guide you to 9 best spots that you absolutely cannot miss.

9 Best Spots You Can Visit in Birmingham, Michigan

1) Birmingham Theatre

If you enjoy musicals, Broadway shows, backstage tours, and amazing reclining seats, this is the place for you to be. Birmingham Theater hosts the most famous and renowned Broadway shows, which you can enjoy in a comfortable atmosphere.

2) Bullring & Grand Central

Located in the very heart of the city, Bullring and grand central lives up to its name of being “Grand” and “Central”. It offers more than 240 shops and stores, perfect for all age groups. If you love shopping and fine dining afterward, then you cannot miss this place.

3) Springdale Golf Course

Springdale Golf Course is perfect for outdoorsy people who need a serene, quiet, and peaceful getaway. The golf course has an excellent layout and pace to offer golfers. The visitors of Springdale have also praised the beautiful scenery, excellent amenities, and friendliness of the staff.

4) Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

The BBAC is an art center loved by all. Regardless of your age, this hidden gem in southeast Michigan is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. The art center offers everything from experienced teachers to a wide range of recreational classes that suit your creative needs. Besides workshops and classes, BBAC also hosts Art shows and appreciation tours and lectures as well as gallery shop. The perfect place to satisfy your artistic needs.

5) Emagine Palladium Theatre

If you visit Detroit, then this movie theatre is a must to visit. The beautifully decorated, Emagine Palladium theatre is known for giving its visitors an upscale experience. Not only is this THE place to enjoy a movie, but it is also good for having dinner and drinks. Visitors have voiced out the establishment’s outstanding service, which includes reclining chairs, heated seats, and discounted to free popcorn.

6) Lincoln Hills Golf Course

This lush golf course is expertly climbing the favorites list for visitors because of how many amenities it provides. It offers rolling terrain, fun, and plenty of challenges for golfers. The course ranges from 3023 yards and has a 35 par for both men and women.

7) Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle

If you are planning to enjoy the full experience of the nightlife, this is the place for you to be. The comedy castle hosts a series of talented comedians on their stage who have hypnotic appeal to the entire audience. A light and fun night spent in Comedy Castle let you relax and unwind unlike anything else. The atmosphere is especially praised for being friendly and providing value for money.

8) Cranbrook Art Museum

This notorious Art Museum holds the center of rich history filled with transformative moments in contemporary and modern art, design, and architecture. You don’t even need to be an art enthusiast to enjoy this museum. This place exhibits collections, publications, and programs that inspire people towards innovative new ideas. The pursuit of knowledge is the pinnacle of the whole environment, something everyone can appreciate.

9) The Robot Garage

If you are traveling with family, then this is an absolute must for you. Trust me; your kids will love it. It is in an interactive Lego puzzle game center that hosts camps and commotions to keeps your child busy, creative, and smart while keeping you happy. In fact, if you happen to travel during summer or any other break time, then we highly recommend taking your kids to the Robot Garage.

Bottom Line

Birmingham is filled with places for visitors to enjoy. Get a local guide to help you along the way if you so wish. However, make sure to check out the places mentioned above.

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