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Bloomfield Hills Schools, Michigan: An Overview

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Until the 20th century, Bloomfield Hills remained a farming area until some rich people purchased the land. As of now, Bloomfield Hills is the 244th largest city in Michigan. Moreover, it transformed itself into a pleasant and bustling city with a population of around 3,869.

Known as a white-collar city, Bloomfield Hills has most of the workforce doing white-collar jobs. Whether it is medicine or home maintenance, people have been rendering their services in every field. About 20% of the total population is in the management occupations, while 12% in the health sector and 11% in sales.

The passion for arts in this city is what makes it apart from the rest of America. To put it precisely, the city houses a greater number of artists and media persons. This amounts to around 85% than most of the places in America. It is safe to term it as the creative hub of the United States of America.

The city is famous for Cranbrook Educational Community and landmarks like Kirk in the Hill church and Christ Church Cranbrook Episcopal.

The Community in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

The Bloomfield Hills has a community influenced strongly by traditions and has a deep-rooted liking for serene rural residential properties. Speaking of this, the reason behind dwelling in this city for most people is the exquisite wooden lots, which promises a quiet ambiance with absolute privacy.

This community is resistant to change and likes to maintain consistency with their living standards. In case of any much-needed change, it only happens when there is a sense of active participation from the residents’ end.

The only difference they stand for is when it comes to improving public services. In this regard, the change is deliberate and well thought out. Moreover, the amenities there are one of the best, and the employment opportunities are excellent.

This is why Bloomfield Hills is one of the most expensive cities to reside in. The houses are not only beautiful but also equally costly. Hence, the city falls under the category of posh and expensive real estate in the U.S. The city has eleven inherent neighborhoods where most of the houses are old.

Home Value and Neighborhood

The prices of more than 60% of the homes in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan are higher than $750K. About 90% of the population has their own homes, considering how Bloomfield Hills promises a higher standard of living with excellent disposal facilities. The lowest-priced homes cost around $57,000. However, only 0.5% comes out of total falls under this range.

Additionally, this city has a higher value of lease in comparison to other cities of Michigan.

Coming to the neighborhoods, the City Center / Cranbrook Academy of Art has the highest real estate value owing to the $1,071,608 rate. The rental prices are around $2354, which is 98% higher than the rest of Michigan’s neighborhoods.

Next are Franklin Rd / Lone Pine Rd, which also has a higher real estate value and costs around $495,385. The rental prices are around $1,735, which, again, is 95% higher than the rest of Michigan’s neighborhood.

 Bloomfield Hills Schools

The city boasts of prioritizing quality education over everything, and this stands true considering that it is home to numerous well-known educational institutions. Almost 45% of the population holds a Masters or a higher degree. The folks pursue various courses, but business remains the top pick.

The reason behind Bloomfield Hill’s culture of education is incredible public schools. They are one of the finest in the list of best institutions in Michigan.

Let us explore some of the best options that this city provides.

International Academy

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

This school, established in 1996, became the first Public High School in North America to offer an All-International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The school not only focuses on academic learning but also provides career counseling and opportunities catering to student’s personal development.

The school thrives on diversity and inclusivity and strives to create a learning environment that encourages the same. Moreover, the school has a deep focus fostering a service-learning environment to help students build a conscience when it comes to giving back to the society and community.

This one tops the list and lies amidst the stunning locales of East Square Lake. With 1,375 students in grades nine to twelve and a student-teacher ratio of 108 to 1, International Academy is the most sought-after school in Bloomfield Hills. It has given the state its best score, as 98% of students are highly competent in math and 96% in reading.

East Hills Middle School

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Located in Kensington Road, East Hills Middle School is another popular choice when it comes to public schools. The school is sixteenth in the list of best public middle schools in Michigan. The learning environment thrives on diversity and inclusivity.

The school, apart from emphasizing on academic excellence, values and nurtures a student’s creative expression. The school’s mission is to never compromise on a student’s dignity or discriminate based on ethnicity. Through practical activities and critical thinking, the school tries to instill a sense of joy and passion in students for lifelong learning.

Bloomfield Hills High School

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Bloomfield Hills High School has a long history of being the most fruitful platform enabling the learner to become designers of their futures with a passion of serving the community. It was founded in 2013 when Andover High School and Lahser High School merged.

A top-rate public school, Bloomfield Hills High School, offers many clubs and organizations that allow students to connect with like-minded fellows. From sports clubs, arts and crafts to theatre, this one has excellent facilities to offer.

The number of students is 1,699 in grades 9 to 12, and the student-teacher ratio is 17:1.

Other Popular Options

Besides the institutions mentioned above, there are quite a variety of excellent public schools within the vicinity. To name a few, Way Elementary School, Bloomfield Hills Middle School, and Eastover Elementary School are other top-ranking reputed public schools offering the best and contemporary American learning environment.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a better lifestyle, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan will surely not disappoint you on both personal and professional grounds. People are warm, welcoming, and above all, delighted and satisfied with their lives here.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is a tremendous and lucrative place to kick start your own business other than bright career prospects. In addition to a refined education system, it has some attractive places to keep you enthralled and entertained.

To sum up, the city is a dream to live in considering privacy and peacefulness. We can say that living here with your family could be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make.

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