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Southfield, Michigan: The Ideal Neighborhood

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When looking for a new place to live, you need to consider the golden rule of real estate. The rule is that you are not just purchasing or renting a home, but rather becoming a part of the neighborhood. If you move around a lot, you probably already know that every neighborhood is different from the other. There isn’t a perfect neighborhood, as no neighborhood is perfectly fit for everybody. The needs may be unique and different from others. However, Southfield, Michigan is one of the best places to live in Michigan with a better and affordable way of living.


Southfield is amazing in various factors, but the most important is the cost of living and education. We will discuss below why real estate cost and education matters in a neighborhood and how Southfield is better in both factors.

Cost of Living in Southfield, Michigan

The cost of living is Southfield, Michigan is 5% lower from the national average. The cost of living depends on various factors such as career, real estate market in the area and the average salary of the people. Moreover, the housing schemes are also 32% lower than the average nationwide. The utility bills are 6%, and the transportation expenses are 4% lower from the national average.

Education and Public Schools in Southfield, Michigan

When you are buying or renting a house in a new home along with your family, you need to make sure that the school district is suitable for your children. Schools play an essential role in uplifting a neighborhood. Great schools are not only important for families that include children, but they also increase the value of the surrounding neighborhood. This will also keep the value of the property really strong. There are 25 schools in Southfield, but the quality of education is not as high as other cities in Michigan.

Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology

This Southfield Public school ranked 628th from 666 schools in Michigan. The proficiency rate is 1% in both math and reading. The average graduation rate is 93%.


Aspire Leadership Academy

Aspire Leadership Academy, located in Southfield, is a public school. This public school is lower in educational quality and care than other schools in Michigan. This school ranks as 414th in other Michigan schools.

Real Estate in Southfield, Michigan

Southfield is an affordable neighborhood and has lower estate value than the national average. However, the median home value in Southfield has increased in the last few years, but the average cost is still lower than in most other cities.

Home Value

The median price per square is $110 in Southfield, which is even lower than Detroit-Warren-Dearborn-Metro, which has an average of $125 per square. The median home value of Southfield is $146,200. However, the average national value is $184,700.


The median price of renting a house in Southfield ranges from $1,085 to $1,300. The rents are higher in Southfield as compared to the national average. The national average is around $949.


The livability of Southfield is really high, and the rank of this city is 65th of all the cities in America. We can grade each category as below:

  • Amenities (A+)
  • Cost of Living (B-)
  • Housing (B+)

Now here are some of the categories where Southfield ranks low. These are:

  • Weather (D)
  • Education (F)
  • Employment (D)

You need to give a proper look at each category in depth.

Why is Neighborhood Important?

A neighborhood determines the lifestyle you and your family will enjoy. You need to ask various questions to yourself:

  1. Are you a homebody or you spend the weekends partying and in local street fairs?
  2. Do you need an expensive home, or you are looking for an inexpensive one?
  3. Is the school rating important for you?

These are just a few questions that you should ask before looking for a home for your family. You need to be sure of what you are expecting in your neighborhood. This will increase your chance of finding an ideal home and neighborhood for living.

Neighborhood in Southfield

The communities living in the neighborhood are friendly, and the apartments and houses are not that expensive. Some of the areas in the neighborhood are:

Eleven Mile Road

The average price of the real estate on Eleven Mile Road is $150,000, which is lower than the national average. If we compare the prices from other neighborhoods, the prices are lower. The median rental is almost $1,100, which is higher than the national or state average.

Harbor Lane

The median price of real estate in this neighborhood is almost as same as Eleven Mile Road. The prices are lower than in other neighborhoods in Michigan. However, median rentals are higher, and that is around $1,200.

Seminole Street

The median price of the real state in Seminole street is as low as $119,000, which is really low. The average rentals are also lower than in other neighborhoods in Michigan.

Other Neighborhood

So the average price of the real estate in other neighboring areas in Southfield ranges from $120,000 to $180,000, which is not that expensive and is lower than the national average. The rentals are, however, higher.

Conclusion: Why Southfield, Michigan

No matter if you are moving to Southfield in order to get close to your family, friends or looking forward to joining a new job, living in this city has a positive experience when we compare it to other cities in Michigan. You just need to know the perfect place to live in the city. Finding a better location to live is not that hard if you have some useful information about the cost of living, crime rate, employment and various key factors.

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