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Listing Your Home For Sale In Michigan

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There could be numerous reasons to buy a new home, like finding a more luxurious and comfortable neighborhood in Michigan, or needing a bigger home to accommodate your growing family. Other reasons to list your home for sale in Michigan include switching jobs, but navigating through the process is crucial. For some, selling a home is an emotional decision, but most of the time, homeowners are happy to move forward with the selling process. After all, moving into a better home is a major milestone.

But, when it comes to selling your home, you can’t leave anything to error, right? Besides, that could be time-consuming and quite possibly, detrimental to your home’s value. So, what do you need to know if you want to list your home for sale in Michigan? Are there any specific guidelines? This simple guide will answer your most important questions and get you ready for the sale.

Listing Your Home for Sale in Michigan

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Whether you live in Ann Arbor, Beverly Hills, or any other city in Michigan, you will soon learn that putting up your home for sale in Michigan is the first step of the process. Listing plays a crucial part in making sure that potential buyers are meeting you, i.e. a potential seller. Here’s what you need to know about listing your home for sale in Michigan for the first time.

Get in Touch With the Right Realtor

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It’s common for people listing their home for sale in Michigan doing so without proper support. What’s this support? Well, this support pertains to gaining valuable information, guidance, and help from a real estate agent. So, when listing your home for sale, get in touch with the most reliable real estate agency. In this particular case, you will find Crown Properties International in Michigan to be one of the best-performing agencies.

A real estate agent can guide you through each process, define every requirement, and ensure that you are not falling behind on any of the crucial steps. They can handle the required documents for you and inform you about the steps and actions that you need to take. Overall, a real estate agent will be a collaborative partner in your house selling venture.

Put Up the Right Price

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Choosing the wrong price means that you may not get enough offers or perhaps the offers you get might appear unrealistic to you. You should be aware of your house’s condition and for this, you need a thorough inspection by a professional. Once you are fully aware of what your house has and whatnot, you can look for homes listed for sale with similar features, and check their prices. You can check the prices of such homes in your neighborhood, as well as others. As an added measure, you can assess the recent sales of homes in the neighborhood to know more about the market value trend.

Improve House Condition

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When listing your home for sale in Michigan, you must pay attention to all the factors that can affect the resale value. Since you are the seller, you won’t be paying for the cost of a home inspection or appraisal services. But, as a seller, you must improve the property’s condition if you want a better price.

For starters, check what appliances need repairs and get them fixed. Secondly, if there are any parts of the property that negatively affect curb appeal, you can change that as well. For instance, getting a new paint job for the potential homebuyer may help with the resale value. While you don’t have to go overboard with repairs or renovation, bear in mind that selling your house as-is might not be profitable as opposed to selling a property with an improved condition.

Take Pictures and Write a Favorable Description

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Your real estate agent can help with that, considering that you hire the right one. Once you acquire the necessary repairs and minor renovations for your home, you can take photos of it. These photos are ideal for online and traditional house marketing in Michigan. On the other hand, when listing your home for sale in Michigan, whether in Troy or Canton, or any city within, it’s crucial that you write a great description.

Keep in mind that this description should only attract the right buyers. Your realtor can help you with this task as well. Talking about your home’s condition, sentimental value, and facilities is the best way to start a house description. Your realtor can also offer some advice in this regard once you speak to them about your interests and preferences.

Dealing with the Michigan Seller’s Disclosure Statement

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This is an important part of navigating through the home-selling process in Michigan. As a Michigan home seller, you have to offer the Michigan Seller’s Disclosure Statement to a potential buyer before accepting price offers for your home. The Michigan Seller Disclosure Act makes it compulsory for all Michigan house sellers to abide by this rule. The disclosure statement itself contains pre-defined language and a set of information that has to be included at all costs. The overall purpose of this agreement is to let the buyer know about the property’s quality and condition beforehand.

In the event that you forget to offer a Michigan Seller’s Disclosure Statement to a potential buyer and receive an offer, you can still provide it later on. But make sure that it’s before accepting the offer.


Now that you are aware of why a real estate agent is crucial to the selling process, you may realize how finding the right listing agent is important as well. So, whether you reside in Plymouth, Birmingham, or any other city in Southeast Michigan, Crown Properties International can help.

Do you want to look for a new home while listing your current home for sale in Michigan? Crown Properties International has tons of experience operating in Michigan. The agency has a group of professional realtors who can help you find the house of your dreams while helping you throughout the process of selling your previous home in Michigan.

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