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Top 10 Properties in Farmington Hills

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Trying to locate the best residential markets in Southeast Michigan to set up and start a family or perhaps, start a business? Whatever your reason for looking for Southeast Michigan properties in Farmington Hills, we have got you covered. In this post, we share a small list of the top 10 properties in Farmington Hills, Michigan, to help you find your dream home.

Farmington Hills is located in Oakland County, Michigan. According to the 2020 census, the population is approximately 84,000. Following Troy, it’s the second most populated city in Oakland County.

The cost of living in Farmington Hills (108.5) is above the national average and somewhat over Michigan’s average cost of living, 89.6. Let’s find out what this city offers in terms of residential properties and housing facilities!

Top-Rated Properties in Farmington Hills

We considered several factors for ranking the top 10 residential properties in Farmington Hills. These include nearby interests, schools (educational facilities), and other amenities. We also considered the houses’ interior decor, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Here’s more!

1.     29250 Marvin Road ($835,000)

This single-family home has 4 spacious bedrooms and 6 bathrooms (4 full baths and 2 partial baths). It has a highly eloquent interior decor and boasts several safety alarm systems, including fire and smoke detectors.

It’s within one mile of North Farmington High School, which offers young children an interactive and peaceful learning environment. The house boasts numerous appliances powered by the latest tech for increased efficiency.

From an exceptional laundry room to highly decorated walls and fireplaces, it’s the perfect abode for a single family on the hunt for luxurious properties in Farmington Hills. It’s a dependent neighborhood, but a few nearby places of interest include The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Playground, both within a half-mile radius.

2.     23928 Haynes Street ($499,000)

Worth half a million dollars, this single-family residence is among the neighborhood’s most spacious and elegant properties. It has an artistic exterior with outstanding interior decor. Moreover, the interior features stainless steel appliances, cherry-wood cabinets, central HVAC, and a large deck.

On top, the residence contains 4 pristine bedrooms and 4 luxurious bathrooms (3 full baths and 1 partial bath). The two-story residence has been put up for sale quite recently, but considering the property’s aesthetics and functional characteristics, chances are that it won’t be on sale for too long!

It’s within a one-mile radius of J.A. Lanigan Elementary School. Furthermore, residents can easily reach eateries, hospitals, and pharmacies. Noticeable outdoor destinations include Cafe’ Cortina, Tawheed Center, and Plum Tree Pottery.

3.     35946 Johnstown Road ($449,900)

The double-story house is selling for approximately $4.5 million. For your information, the single-family house accommodates 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (2 full baths and 1 partial bath). In addition, the house has a decorated and well-maintained backyard joined by a full patio.

Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand with the interior decor of the single-family home. In fact, the house offers the same level of functionality as aesthetics through safety alarm systems and modern kitchen appliances.

It’s close to Hillside Elementary School. Over that, you’ll find Golden Fry Management (local eatery), Panera Bread (coffee), American Silkscreen (shopping), and Muriwood Fitness Center within a one-mile radius.

4.     37164 Chesapeake Road ($435,000)

The garage-attached single-family residence packs 4 luxurious bedrooms with 3 bathrooms (2 full baths and 1 partial bath). Interestingly, the interior decor blends the artistic architecture with state-of-the-art decoration ideas.

It also contains a basement with proper piping and a drainage system. In fact, the whole house received an inspection quite recently! The kitchen features shiny wood cabinets, an island, and a well-lit dining room.

You get a spacious driveway at the front of the house. Moreover, the residence is close to Hillside Elementary School and Nikk May: Private Studio For Voice / Piano / Guitar. What’s more, you’ll find another top-rated school in the vicinity, Gakkyusha USA County Ltd.

5.     24488 Toddy Lane ($394,500)

It’s one of the most impressive colonial residential properties in the neighborhood. The house features 4 prestigious bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (2 full baths and 1 partial bath). Moreover, the contemporary exterior features brick-like stone walls.

Also, the perfect window placement throughout the house invites natural light, creating a splendid daytime living environment. With the list of kitchen appliances and amenities, it’s one of the best residential properties in Farmington Hills.

For your information, the house is close to many local eateries, shopping destinations, coffee shops, supermarkets, and fruit stores. Nearby, you’ll come across Longacre Elementary School for younglings!

6.     30045 Pipers Lane ($390,000)

For a single family that loves secluded residences, you’ll find the property highly appealing to your taste. In fact, if you prefer fashionable interior decor and have a small family, you’ll adore this double-story home.

The property features 4 spacious bedrooms with a few walk-in private closets. In addition, the kitchen’s renovation speaks for itself through fully functional appliances and shining drawers. Also, you’ll come across 3 elegant bathrooms (2 full baths and 1 partial bath).

If you look around the close vicinity, you’ll find several places of interest, including Beechview Elementary School, Holocaust Memorial Center, Chase Bank, Steak and Tavern, and Timbercrest Association Park.

7.     28932 Farmington Road ($375,000)

This single-family home brings a generous parcel of land on Farmington Road. What’s more, the house has 4 large bedrooms with 3 bathrooms (2 full baths and 1 partial bath).

It offers a compact living space with a private garden out front. Regardless, the interior room layout creates ample walking space. Not to mention, the house contains a brick fireplace, robust walls and ceiling, and professional finishes to give the interior decor a classic touch.

The property is close to a lot of interesting places. For example, you’ll be closer to the North Farmington High School, one of the top-rated educational institutes around the top-reviewed properties. Also, local eateries and marketplaces like Leo’s Coney Island and Heartland Marketplaces are accessible.

8.     25368 Westmoreland Drive ($339,900)

Any single family living in this prestigious 1956-built home can enjoy traditional interior decor combined with modern-day appliances and TV rooms. The living room connects with the dining room. Over that, the property features an expansive green backyard with an attached barn and driveway.

The residence has 3 humble bedrooms with 2 bathrooms (1 full bath and 1 partial bath). For your information, it’s one of the most affordable and top-reviewed properties.

If you want to send your children to a top-rated and popular school, you don’t have to look far! That’s because the house is close to Farmington Hills Nursery School, Kindercare Learning Center, and East Middle School.

9.     28153 Quail Hollow Road ($335,000)

When you look at this stylish single-family home, it’ll remind you of a lovely ranch in the countryside. It packs 3 prestigious bedrooms containing private closets and 2 bathrooms (1 full bath and 1 partial bath). It’s among the affordable properties in Farmington Hills, especially for single families on a budget.

This house is a complete package with a lush private backyard, a well-maintained patio, and an airy basement. The house beats most others in the neighborhood, from interior style to functionality. Note that it also features a beautifully landscaped yard out front.

You’ll find local eateries like La Kabob Lebanese Grill, Jersey Mike’s, Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, and QDOBA Mexican Eats. Furthermore, the house is near Farmington Steam Academy, which is a great institute to help children build academic skills.

10.     27969 Green Willow Street ($295,000)

We’re down to the most inexpensive option on the list of top properties in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It’s a property that combines affordability with a relaxed living environment for single families. Despite being under the ownership of a single family for so long, the house looks magnificent.

The well-maintained interior represents the owner’s sentiment toward this residential space. What’s more, the house has a basement with strong glass-block windows and a side-entry attached garage. Not to forget, the house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (1 full bath and 1 partial bath).

In close vicinity, you’ll find Farmington Steam Academy, one of the favorite educational institutes among locals. Furthermore, the house will get you closer to many entertainment and shopping places like Farmington Players, Heritage Park, and Little Caesars Pizza.


Browsing online for properties in Farmington Hills, Michigan, can save you time and gas money. Nevertheless, it takes more time compared to reaching an experienced real estate agent. In Southeast Michigan, Crown Properties International has been delivering top-class realtor services.

We have been helping people find their dream homes in Michigan and a few other states. With over 30 years of real estate experience, our professionals can recommend the perfect housing options based on your needs and preferences. Call us today and set a meeting with our best agent!

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