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Michigan: A Closer Look at the 9 Safest and Best Cities

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Are you considering living in a beautiful state such as Michigan? There’s a reason why you’re here. This may be because Michigan is considered one of the safest states worldwide. It has a very homely feel, and any person you come across here will be friendly, giving you a warm welcome.

Even if you’re new in Michigan, you will never feel like an outsider and never get bored. You can indulge in many recreational activities and explore beautiful places in Michigan. Who knows, you may come across some of Hollywood’s famous stars as well. Michigan has around 142 cities that offer something for everyone. Safety is one of the key factors that many people consider when finding the best cities to live or visit. Here, we have listed the top 9 safest and best Michigan cities to live in or explore.

Michigan: The Safest and Best Cities

1. Milford

Milford is one of the safest places in Michigan with a population of 16,808 and has a considerably low crime rate. The city is known for the fun things you can do on a random day, such as watching a friendly basketball game, visiting the Huron river village, boating, and much more. The best part about this place is that you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night worrying if you forgot to lock your main door. Since the crime rate is negligible, you won’t have safety concerns.

Milford, Michigan

2. Iron Mountain

On number 2, we have Iron Mountain; it’s a beautiful picturesque city, with lots of natural beauty and attractions, situated in the upper region of Michigan. This place has a population of 7,327 and is perfect for you if you’re a person who likes to live around the scenic view of mountains. Iron Mountains has one of the strongest communities with amazing work ethics. Moreover, the crime rate is lower, as only 40 violent crimes take place per 100k.

Iron Mountain, Michigan

3. Berkley (see our Berkley community guide)

If you want to live in a fun environment with safety, Berkley is the ideal choice for you. Berkley has a population of 15,382 and has the lowest crime rate but the highest education score. So if you want your child to enroll in one of the best schools in Michigan in a safe environment, Berkley it is. Besides education, you will get to witness some of the biggest music festivals and car shows in Berkley as it is a lively city.

Berkley, Michigan

4. Rochester (see our Rochester community guide)

With a population of 13,075 and the third-lowest property crime rate in Michigan, Rochester is ideal for making a home. You can make your weekend fun and exciting as the city offers many recreational activities and social events. Who wouldn’t want to witness the beautiful light show in Rochester, especially when you have no security risks?

Rochester, Michigan

5. Beverly Hills (see our Beverly Hills community guide)

Beverly Hills, also known as the suburb of Detroit, is one of the greatest cities to live in, with a good education system and low crime rate. Beverly Hills has a population of over 10,000 and is the perfect place to achieve both a suburban and city vibe. It’s also a good option for big families as you can find houses at affordable rates.

Beverly Hills, Michigan

6. Birmingham (see our Birmingham community guide)

Birmingham, also known as the “Walkable Community,” has a population of 21,295 with a negligible crime and violence rate. Plus, Birmingham is a heaven for sports enthusiasts with the best games in town. It also has one of Michigan’s best education systems. Birmingham lives up to its safest city title and must be on your list when you plan to find a new home.

Birmingham, Michigan

7. New Baltimore

New Baltimore is another beautiful place to live with a low crime rate and ranks 7th. You can indulge in so many activities in this city! From visiting the downtown park with your family to going on a weekend getaway on the Anchor bay, New Baltimore has something for everyone!

8. Chelsea

Chelsea is a small village in Washtenaw County with a population of 5,248 and a safety ranking of 9/10. The education system here is also good, with a rating of 9/10. If you’re considering moving here with your family, you’re making the perfect decision. Chelsea is one of the warmest and welcoming places you will ever come across. It’s a city with a rich history and strong unity among people.

9. Huntington Woods (see our Huntington Woods community guide)

The last place that has made it to our list is Huntington Woods. It’s a small village in Southeastern Oakland County that will make you feel like you’re living in one of the towns shown in Disney Movies. It is a fantastic and super safe place with a lower crime rate. Huntington Woods has a population of 6,328. So if you want to live in a calm, peaceful place and wake up every morning to some picturesque scenery, Huntington Woods is the ideal place for you.

Huntington Woods

Michigan’s Safest and Best Cities: Take Your Pick

Now that you’re aware of the top 9 safest cities to live and explore in Michigan, it’s your time to choose one place that suits your living standards.

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