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Work in Michigan – Top 10 Companies

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Thinking of moving to Michigan for better employment opportunities? Wondering what are the best companies to work in Michigan?

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In this case, you should know that Michigan is one of the US states that is home to some best and popular companies. You can find organizations in healthcare, auto, agriculture, textile, insurance, and many other industries. Fortunately, the state offers jobs in many companies in each industry. So, just keep your requirements and need in mind, and then search for the best employer for you.

Best Companies to Work in Michigan

Here are some of the ideal companies where you can find a working opportunity. Read further to get an idea about them.

1.     Beaumont Health

It is a not-for-profit health organization in Troy, MI. The organization has around eight hospitals with more than 38,000 employees. The best part about Beaumont Health is that they encourage women to work in the company.

Most importantly, you can notice a diverse ethnic group working in this health facility. When it comes to the average salary, it might be a bit low than its competitors in the state. However, it’s still an ideal option if you want to work in the healthcare industry as well as live in Troy.

2.     Visteon

Are you looking to work in an automotive company? If so, it’s an incredible opportunity for you. This is an American global automotive electronics supplier organization. The company is willing to pay higher salaries to the skilled and talented residents of Wayne, Mi.

The key feature of Visteon is that they provide you a secure and protective environment so you can work with ease and comfort.

3.     Lear

You might have already heard about Lear. This is an American organization that produces automotive electrical systems and automotive seating. And yes, this company was ranked #147 on the Fortune 500 list in 2018.

The average employee’s salary is $46,929 per year. It is important to note that Lear is an industry leader with annual revenue of around $20.5B and approximately 165,000 employees.

4.     Ford Motor Company

It is an American multinational automaker company with its headquarter in Dearborn, Mi. Ford Motors sells commercial vehicles and automobiles under the brand name Ford. They are also popular for their luxury cars, which you can find under the brand name Lincoln.

You can get a high salary depending on your designation. However, Ford Motor Company may pay lower salaries than their competitors, such as Tesla. You may also want to know that the company aims to help people live a better lifestyle.

5.     Michigan Sugar

This is another best company to work for in Michigan. It is an agriculture corporation located in Bay City, Mi. As the name suggests, they produce/sell sugar products and beet sugar. You also need to know that it is a medium-sized company with around $600.0 M revenue and 700 employees. However, it is best for people living in Bay City.

Michigan Sugar also aims to maximize shareholder value by manufacturing and producing high-quality products. So, if you have experience in the agriculture sector and searching for a high-paying job, you need to check this organization.

6.     DeGrandchamp Farms

Do you love farming or have experience in this field? If yes, then apply for a position in this organization. DeGrandchamp Farms have cranberry and blueberry farms in South Haven, Mi. The company has been in the industry since 1958. They are now partners with Naturipe and Ocean Spray.

This brand is also best for people who avoid working in massive corporations, as it has only 175 employees. Despite having limited workers, they still manage to build $82.7M revenue.

7.     ProQuest

If you have an interest in information technology, this global information content and technology company is the perfect work opportunity for you. It is one of the most popular media organizations in Ann Arbor.

ProQuest tries its best to empower librarians and researchers around the world. They provide unique, insightful, and innovative content that benefits and increases the productivity of people. In other words, it serves scholars, professionals, students, and librarians.

8.     Auto Owners Insurance

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As Michigan is home to several automotive companies, people will also need insurance to secure their assets. Auto Owners Insurance provides insurance for cars, as well as coverage for homes and businesses. You can also find some best packages for life insurance.

Since insurance is the need of every individual, this company covers most residents of the state. The best part is that you can choose to work in your desired insurance field. This means you can choose between home, business, life, and auto insurance.

9.     Guardian Industries

It is a manufacturer of automotive and building products and also produces glass. Guardian Industries is based in Auburn Hills, Mi. The company manufacturers fabricated glass products, float glass, and fiberglass insulation.

They also produce building materials for residential, commercial, and automotive applications. The best part of working in this organization is that you learn versatile manufacturing methods and use machines that help you understand the trends in the field, which opens future opportunities.

10.     Bosch

This is the last company on our list of top brands and organizations to work in Michigan. Bosch aims to deliver products that improve the quality of life, spark enthusiasm, and help conserve natural resources.

You also need to know that it is an industry leader that produces devices and technologies. Bosch helps you enhance safety and security, simplify urban mobility, and optimize and control the use of resources.

Bottom Line

Now, you may know that you can easily find work in Michigan. Just make sure to consider your location before applying for a job in any organization. If you are still looking for a house in Michigan, then Crown Properties International can help you find one. We are experts in the field and help you find your dream house in your preferred city and neighborhood. So, contact us if you are finding it hard to get a place near your employer.

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