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10611 Lighthouse Pt – Lavish, High-End, and Modern House

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10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon - bedroom


Looking for a luxury house with a high-end design and brick construction along the peaceful shoreline of South Lyon, Mi? Well, this home on Lighthouse Pt is the perfect real estate property for you. Due to its attractive curb appeal and strategic construction, the property is in high demand by real estate agencies and homeowners.

While Lighthouse Pt, South Lyon, is big enough for a larger family, it’s also suitable for couples looking to enjoy comfortable living with plenty of space. Let’s get into the details to understand how Lighthouse Pt can make living along the edge of the lake all the more exciting.

History of Lighthouse Pt

10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon

10611 Lighthouse Point, South Lyon, MI

Before getting to the features and amenities of this real estate property, let us tell you about its history. This 7,000 sqft property with a 0.84-acre lot size was built in 2003. The property offers a more vintage ambiance because of the gorgeous brick construction.

Lighthouse, Pt has been sold quite a few times. The least expensive listing for this house was around $20,000, while the most expensive listing has remained at about $3,599,900. The property is now looking for a new owner who’s willing to pay $2,800,000.

Features of this South Lyon home

10611 Lighthouse Pt Drive

10611 Lighthouse Point, South Lyon, MI

Lighthouse Pt, South Lyon, Mi, is not like any other property. The architecture is focused on inhabitants enjoying a scenic view from each window. Also, the house has a contemporary interior design that perfectly complements the traditional facade of the property.

Besides that, its many features are sure to convince you to buy the property. Here’s what you need to know.

Several Rooms, Bathrooms, and Much More

10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon - bathroom


10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon - vanity

Vanity room

This 3-story house contains five bedrooms, with plenty of room to express your creativity. You can accentuate the bedrooms with unique themes and decor. The property has six bathrooms, a basement, garage, kitchen, lawn, and living room. With so many rooms, you can designate spaces for specific purposes.

Lots of Amenities

10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon

10611 Lighthouse Point, South Lyon, MI

10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon - indoor pool

Indoor pool

Of course, when you’re investing in a property, you also need some unmatched recreational and entertainment amenities. Lighthouse Pt offers a well-designed porch that allows you to rest and enjoy beautiful weather. During the summer, you can enjoy swimming with your family in the indoor pool. If you love reading while sitting in front of the fireplace, then rest assured that Lighthouse Pt has just what you’re looking for.

Furnished Kitchen

10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon kitchen


Let’s face it, furnishing a home before moving in can be quite a hassle. People with a time-is-money mindset prefer ready-to-move properties. Lighthouse Pt, South Lyon, is the perfect solution. The property is already set up with necessary amenities so you can move in and start living your dream lifestyle from day one.

The kitchen comes equipped with necessary appliances like a dishwasher, dryer, built-in-refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, washer, bar fridge, washer, dryer, etc. This way, you can call it home as soon as you move in.

Impressive Interior Features

10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon living room

Living Room

10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon Great Room

Great Room

Of course, well-maintained and efficient HVAC systems are a must before moving in. This real estate property ensures that you live comfortably, no matter the season. Hence, it’s equipped with a water softener, humidifier, central vacuum, programmable thermostat, spa-hot tub, air purifier, and HVAC system.

Not only this, but you will also get a sound system, security alarm, cable, wet bar, jetted tub, and many other features. Despite being an old property, the house is fitted with updated features that have become important for a luxurious lifestyle.

The Neighborhood of Lighthouse, Pt

10611 Lighthouse Pt Drive

Green Oak Township

Lighthouse, Pt, is located in a safe and friendly neighborhood. You can find several popular schools in the locations, such as Hawkins Elementary School, Brighton High School, and Scranton Middle Schools. There are also several parks nearby, so you can go for the occasional evening stroll.

The prices of nearby homes are around $1,051,660 or more, so you don’t have to worry about nearby houses affecting your property’s value. And the best part? You get a magnificent view of the lake. So, yes, you don’t need to go anywhere for a calming experience, just sit back and watch the sunset from your porch to instantly uplift your mood.

Unique Things of Lighthouse Pt

10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon cinema

Movie/Cinema Room

Even though you’ve gone over various features of the house, there’s more. Lighthouse Pt features an elevator that takes you to your desired floor when you’re not in the mood to take the stairs. If you enjoy reading, you’ll find comfort in knowing that the property is home to a fantastic library. Oh, and how can we forget the hydronic in-floor radiant heating that melts the snow on the sidewalk and driveway?

10611 Lighthouse Point South Lyon wine cellar

Wine Cellar

A fancy floor, private home theatre, and sauna area will keep you entertained on the weekends – no need to leave home to watch a movie or enjoy a pleasant date night. From a fantastic wine cellar and game room to a workout area and sunroom, the property has it all. So, yes, this property is a full package, as it offers comfort, entertainment, and peace, all at the same time.

Bottom Line

The drop in mortgage rates and high demand may have made it difficult for you to find your dream house over the last few years. Thankfully, Lighthouse Pt is now looking for a new owner, offering the perfect opportunity to live in a beautiful house.

This real estate property offers a scenic view, plenty of space to perform different activities, a comfortable environment, and a safe neighborhood. Most importantly, the property is near plenty of parks and good schools. The houses are fully equipped with all the important appliances and machines that you will need.

If you want to learn more about this property or how you can purchase it, view the listing here and contact Crown Properties International. We are experts in the industry and can offer guidance to make the right real estate purchase. Our team will address all your concerns and answer your queries so that you’re satisfied before having to invest your money in it.

You can also contact Caroline Chen, the founder and CEO of Crown Properties International. She is the listing agent on the property who will guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision.

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