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Beaches in Michigan – Our Top 7

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Relaxing on a beach during your vacation time might be the best feeling of comfort and enjoyment. You can spend your free time looking at the waves, walking on the beach, and laughing with your family. But have you shortlisted the best beaches? Well, the beaches in Michigan are among the top-rated and popular beaches. So, why spend thousands of bucks on a far-away beach when the best and top-rated beaches are here in the beautiful state of Michigan?

Here’s the list of the 7 best beaches in Michigan that are no less than a fancy break from your work. Read on to know why these beaches are among the top-rated beaches.

7 Top Rated Beaches in Michigan

Are you looking for a golden sand-graced beach? Is it a small beach with innumerable facilities? Michigan’s beaches have everything to make your vacation a memorable experience.


1.      State Park – Orchard Beach

Do you wish to view the mesmerizing scenery of Lake Michigan? Orchard Beach State Park offers the sweetest spots to do that. It has over 150 campsites for your amusement and shelter. There are picnic facilities and public restrooms along the two piers that are the main attraction. Also, you can find showers, mini cabins, and restroom buildings in the campsites.

While the activities are endless, some of the most fun things to do here include hiking, picnicking, fishing, and swimming. Do you love skiing? Yes, you can go to Orchard Beach in Michigan during the winter season.

2.      Warren Dunes State Park

Large sand dunes and lakeshore beaches are the main attraction of Warren Dunes State Park. Millions of tourists visit this state park every year. Besides, a fun activity for visitors here includes climbing up the dunes and rolling back down. There are ample opportunities if you are a landscape photographer to capture the beautiful sunset or sunrise or the mesmerizing clean water waves.

Don’t forget to climb Tower Hill when you visit this 1,952-acre Michigan state park from the tallest sand dune. It will become a memorable vacation for you and your family.

3.      National Lakeshore – Sleeping Bear Dune

You may have heard about Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore beach. It is one of the most beautiful and best attractions in the US. The panoramic vistas, along with a breathtaking 60 mile-long shoreline, make it a must-visit place for vacationers and beach-lovers.

While the golden sand beach and its dunes are attractive playgrounds for kids, adults can have fun exploring the several inland lakes. Flora and fauna are unlike any other beach, and the unparalleled scenery is sure to relax your mind and soul. You can enjoy many activities such as bird watching, canoeing, hiking, etc., at the Sleeping Bear Dune and its golden sands.

4.      Grand Haven Beach


It is one of the top-rated beach spots in Michigan. With small entry fees, you gain access to all the best amenities for a beach vacation in Michigan. Grand Haven is fairly popular for its red lighthouse that is picturesque. From cocktails to delicious lunches and filling breakfasts, the walk to the center of the town provides you with everything you need.

Moreover, you don’t have to leave your pet at home when planning your vacation trip. The pet-friendly vicinity at Grand Haven beach allows you to bring your dogs and make them a part of your beach vacation trip.

5.      Copper Harbor

Nothing is calmer and more relaxing than the scenic beauty and, as the name suggests, the copper-istic flora and fauna of Copper Harbor. Once you are there, go kayaking or fishing and experience the adventure around the popular lighthouse. Galleries, games, breakfast, and lunch, it offers everything.

So, you don’t have to hassle during your vacation. Besides, why should you when you are at the best beach in Michigan? The best thing: you can enjoy mountain biking, ORV riding, golfing, and bird watching.

Fun Fact: Many newlyweds choose Copper Harbor for their photoshoots, thanks to its picturesque and beautiful sands.

6.      Rogers City

Located on Lake Huron, Rogers City is one of the largest ports. The harbor organizes an annual fishing tournament for catching salmon. However, it is one of the latest additions to the lovely beaches and features an attractive focal point.

The city boasts miles of clean beaches and is a paradise for fishermen, boaters, nature lovers, and anyone looking for a pristine and beautiful location for vacation. What’s more, you will find a variety of recreation shops, arts and entertainment, biking and hiking trails, etc.

7.      Hoffmaster Beach State Park

Another state park for all beach-lovers! If you haven’t been there already, now is the time to plan your vacation trip to Hoffmaster Beach State Park. It features a three miles long coastline of Lake Michigan. The Dune Climb Stairway is the main attraction of this park that leads to the top of a high sand dune.

You can enjoy the panoramic view of the dunes and Michigan Lake from the observation deck. Camping is an amazing activity to take up with your family. However, if you are looking for thrill and adventure, you can find miles of hiking and skiing trails offering mesmerizing views and beauty.


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