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6 Best Christmas Towns In Michigan

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Christmas is one of the best times of the year. The crowds of people buying gifts for their family, children lining up to see Santa, and the plethora of decked up trees lining the streets – it’s a sight to see. It’s common for families to wait all year for Christmas to arrive so they can dish out their best ideas and celebrate Christmas. Surprisingly, there are some of the best Christmas towns in Michigan that are worth visiting if you’re looking for a joyous way to spend the holidays with family or friends.

Michigan is home to friendly faces and extremely heartwarming traditions that usually make the holidays more enticing and enjoyable. All the Christmas towns in Michigan make sure to put up plenty of Christmas décor to create a warm ambiance. There are endless sights and light displays that are worth checking out if you’re planning a trip to Michigan this Christmas. Here’s a list of the 6 best Christmas towns in Michigan.

The 6 Best Christmas Towns in Michigan

Here are 6 of the most delightful Christmas towns and cities in the State of Michigan for an ultimate holiday experience.

1.      Christmas

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As the name suggests, this town has some of the best Christmas-related decorations and scenes. You couldn’t possibly think that a town named “Christmas” in the State of Michigan wouldn’t be the top pick on our list, right? For residents, it’s one of their most favorite Christmas towns in Michigan. Residents from many nearby towns visit the delightful town during the holidays to participate in festivities.

Furthermore, the town also has its own post office, so why not send your own letter to the North Pole while enjoying the winter breeze and captivating light displays. In this way, the town’s holiday preparations certainly live up to its name. Once you are there, don’t forget to take a snapshot with the big Santa Claus over there to make some memories from when you celebrated Christmas in Christmas Town.

2.      Frankenmuth


While Christmas Town came first because of its name, another town takes the cake in terms of Christmas-related popularity. Among all the Christmas towns in Michigan State, Frankenmuth is one of the most popular and dedicated Christmas destinations in the US. It is among the highly popular and common spots for people to come and enjoy enchanting Christmas displays and more. The Bavarian locale of the town is welcoming throughout the Christmas period and the rest of the year.

For most people, Frankenmuth in December is the most magical time of the year. Hence, most families plan a visit to this all-time favorite region of Michigan between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The festivities in this area offer a memorable experience. From Christmas shopping and admiring the architecture to sipping hot cocoa while walking down Main Street, Frankenmuth is home to some of the most wonderful sights in Michigan.

3.      Holland


If you’re looking for wholesome winter charm, then you should head over to Holland, one of the most popular Christmas towns in Michigan. In Holland, you can walk along the enchanting shores of Lake Michigan to cherish the Christmas celebrations. In addition to the wilderness and natural scenic beauty of the region, Holland features a marvelous blend of cheerful people and wonderful décor in the days leading up to Christmas time.

The entire town sparkles with joy and liveliness during December. In fact, one of the most interesting facts about this Christmas town is that it has the latest technology embedded into the sidewalks around the town. The state-of-the-art technology offers heat and prevents snow accumulation. This significantly reduces the risk of slipping while you’re taking a stroll down the streets.

4.      Petoskey

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If you’ve never been to Petoskey in Michigan State, now is the best time to do so. It is one of the gems of Michigan State when it comes to Christmas celebrations. Here, people enjoy the holiday season as much as tourists and sightseers do. Every year, during Christmas time, the town holds an open house as a holiday event, but that’s not even where all the fun is.

If you’re in Petoskey for a unique Christmas celebration, you’ll love the peacefulness and calm ambiance of the surroundings and how the population thrives.

5.      Rochester


When you’re talking about the ultimate light display experience, Rochester is the name you’ll hear more often. Christmas lights in this region are one of the best during the special time of the year. Most Michigan lovers pay a visit to Rochester nearly once a year, and that too during Christmas time.

If you’re looking to blend in with the locals and enjoy the Christmas spirit, you should try looking booking a visit to Rochester this winter season. Whether you’re a big celebrator or not, the cheerful locality will help you blend right in and enjoy some of the best festive activities to lighten up your mood.

6.      Northville



If you’re picking places to visit this winter season and hopefully for Christmas, make sure that you add Northville to your list of must-visits. The Christmas spirit is most enjoyable during the last days of the year in Northville when people host art exhibitions and holiday markets. Once you are there, be sure to go through downtown Northville where most of the holiday fun unfolds in the most marvelous way.

You can enjoy the strolls and wonderful aura of the town without having to spend too much. The town square in Northville is among the best of all Christmas towns in Michigan.


You should check out other cities and towns in Michigan because Christmas isn’t the only holiday that’s coming up. The locals in Michigan put on some of the most enthusiastic holiday festivities. Look up other Christmas towns in Michigan to add more places to your list of must-see locations. If you’re looking to find a suitable and humble abode among the friendly population of Michigan, contact Crown Properties International. As a reliable real estate agency, we can help you with your real estate needs.

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