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Is Troy in Michigan a Perfect City?

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Troy in Michigan is an ideal place for families to spread their wings and enjoy a healthy and joyful life. This city offers numerous opportunities for education and employment. You can also live in a peaceful environment with warm-hearted neighbors. Also, you can spend your money on many activities that you find amusing. For instance, you can visit diverse restaurants, enjoyable spots, or you can just sit in a park. This district is a perfect place by all means. You can also become an owner of a lavish home at affordable prices.

Here is what you need to know about this stunning city.

Balanced Population

Troy comes 10th in the list of largest cities in Michigan; it is annually growing by 0.12% and has risen by 4.31% since 2010. The total population of this incredible city is 84,470. In which there are 41,936 females and 42,945 males.

Moreover, the median age for the female is 43.3 years, and male’s average age is 40.1 years. Troy also has a family structure. Most of the people live with their families.

Affordable Homes

Troy in Michigan not only has grand and brilliant houses, but they are also quite reasonable. You can also find various types of homes in different locations, and almost all of them are typically inexpensive for the locals.

The average home value of the city is $297,206, and a median rent of the houses is $1,161. The houses fall in the buying range of people. This is why the homeownership rate of this city is a whopping 73%. Thus, only 27% of the population is living in rental properties in Troy. Moreover, the city’s housing affordability index is 145.

Different Shopping Places and Recreation Centers

The “Somerset Collection” is one of the luxury shopping malls in Troy, and it is among the high-rated malls in the United States by Fodor. This grand, charming emporium contains more than 180 stores and restaurants, spoiling you for choices when it comes to spending some time with your loved ones.

Outgoing families can go to numerous adventurous places such as recreational parks, fun lands, galleries, and museums. Also, Troy has approximately 900 acres of parkland. You can visit places like Firefighters Park, Troy Family Aquatic Center, Detroit Zoo, Red Oaks Water Park, and Cranbrook House & Gardens.

Excellent Schooling

Troy in Michigan has various exceptional educational platforms and institutions. The district’s public school has earned six national blue ribbons. Not to mention, the city is also home to 13 of Michigan’s State exemplary schools.

The high schools in the district are popular and considered to be among the best institutions in the U.S. Some of the popular high schools are International Academy Okma, Bishop Foley High School, Bethany Christian School, and Troy High School.

Almost 95% of students who complete graduation go for higher education. Not only this, but nearly 61.80% of the population also has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Troy is a perfect place to live for the people who want the best education while spending less money.

Numerous Jobs

The home seekers looking for wonderful homes in Troy also get attracted to its amazing economy, with companies like Huntington Bank, Kelly Service, and Macy’s. Moreover, this city has a shocking unemployment rate of 2.60% only.

Troy is also famous for its automated research and developments. In addition, the city is also listed as one of the top best five cities in America that always gives opportunities to small businesses. There are around 6120 total businesses in the district, which include both startups and large corporations. You will be surprised to know that almost 67.20% of the population consists of the workforce, which is obviously an incredible number.

The median household income is around $97,048 in Troy, which is very high than any other city. Residents of the town find Troy as one of the best places to find a job.

Good and Healthy Community

Families, who are living a peaceful life in lovely homes in Troy, such as in the Bradley Square community, consider this place as one of the safest cities in the country.

You will also find people with diverse ethnic backgrounds and practicing various cultures. There are approximately 56,988 white /Caucasian and 20,763 Asians living in the city. Moreover, you can also find Black Americans, American Indians, Alaska Native, and others. The community also loves to be social and welcomes foreigners in their city. Because of the educated nature of the folks, they are humble, peaceful, and polite.

Crime and Safety

The crime rates are also pretty low in the city. It must be because of the high education and low unemployment rates. The annual murder rate is around 1.2%, and the robbery rate is approximately 13.1%.

This is why this city has a peaceful environment, and locals feel proud of their city. Property crimes are also minimal. The annual rate per 100,000 residents of theft is 1,200.45 and of burglary 11.6%. No doubt, this city is the best place to live if you are looking for a home in a peaceful, safe, and socially active neighborhood.

Bottom Line

Troy in Michigan is a perfect place for every type of person. If you want a home at an inexpensive cost, then consider this city. From recreational centers to affordable housing to one of the best education system and employment opportunities, Troy has something for everyone.

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