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Michigan Bloggers: Top 10 Best Bloggers

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From fashion and food to travel bloggers, the bloggers of Michigan have never failed to showcase their talent and skills in unique, thriving ways. The blogging community in Michigan has grown rapidly, as many citizens have started showcasing their interests in different fields. You will find some of the best bloggers based in Michigan showcasing the ideal Detroit lifestyle and marketing their way to the Motor City. If you want to take a good look at what all Michigan has in store for you, \make sure to check out the top 10 bloggers of Michigan mentioned below.

List of Top 10 Michigan Bloggers

1.      Alexandra Beuter (Fashion Blogger)

For the best beauty tutorials and DIY home décor, you should follow Michigander YouTube vlogger Alexandra Beuter. You can get a glimpse of her favorite beauty tips and products, as well as affordable realtors, on her blog and insta @alexandrabeuter. But before you start following her blog, you must know you might end up putting a lot of load on that credit card.

Michigan Bloggers - Girl in Striped Pink in the Kitchen


2.      Jessica (Travel & Food Blogger)

A real Michigander can never get tired of the food, and for the best food reviews, Jessica has got you covered. Jessica is a travel and food blogger, born and brought up in Michigan, and currently living in Grand Rapids. She loves showing the people of Michigan different desserts and eateries from around the world. Her followers can get a glimpse of the various places she visits. If you want to enhance your knowledge about food from around the globe and come across some yummy recipes, check out Jessica’s blog, Sweet + Savor.


3.      Sherry and Chris (Travel Blogger)

If you want to get a virtual tour of Michigan’s most fun places, Sherry and Chris have got you covered at Travelling Michigan. Sherry and Chris have lived in Michigan all their life, and are currently living in Midland. This travel blog is one of the best you will ever come across as it includes guides for locals, suggesting how they can explore fun places in Michigan and make their life as Michiganders far more interesting. From places like Mackinac Island to the Upper Peninsula waterfalls, this blog will make you fall in love with your home. You can follow them on Instagram at @travellingmichigan.


4.      Eva Mae (Food Blogger)

There is nothing more inspiring than your very own south-east Michigander becoming a famous food blogger. Eva Mae, who hails from the southeastern side, recently embraced her love for food by starting he very own food blog, “Just Add Rosemary”. Eva shares some of her most interesting recipes with a touch of Michigander roots, which what makes her recipes so unique and interesting. So read up some of her delicious recipes to find out how this Michigander blogger became obsessed with Rosemary.


5.      Jordan Blackwell (Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger)

It takes a lot of time and guts to maintain a fashionista life while being an automotive engineer, but Michigan-based fashion blogger Jordan Blackwell makes it look easy. Jordan began expressing her retro sense of style on her blog page and Instagram ever since she moved to Detroit. From guiding you in what you should buy to giving tips on dressing up in the retro city, Jordan Blackwell can do it all. Follow her to upgrade your style.


6.      Erin (Culinary Travel Blogger)

On Erin’s blog, you can come across some of the best dishes from Michigan and beyond. Because of her traveling experience, Erin has knowledge of various different dishes of the world. She’s a Michigan-based blogger, based in Grand Rapids, looking to show the locals what they are missing out on.  Her blog includes baggage of recipes and ways to enjoy traveling. This might encourage you to head towards the kitchen or visit a new place! Check out her fantastic adventures on Instagram at @michiganpicure


7.      Alexandrea Garza (Vlogger)

Michigander Alexandrea Garza, who is also a mom, is one of Michigan’s top vloggers with over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube. At the same time, she has a following of 289,000 on Instagram. This Michigan-based blogger loves sharing different tutorials, styling tips, product reviews, and interesting childcare advice on her vlog. Check out Alexandrea’s YouTube channel Alexandrea Garza, and Instagram handle @alexandreagarza\

8.      Michigan Sky Media (Travel Blogger)

Michigan Sky media consists of a group of travel bloggers who share pictures of Michigan’s beautiful landscapes and locations with the rest of the world. Some of the pictures they share are absolutely breathtaking. The blog also consists of pictures and wallpapers you can admire in your homes and on your phone screen. You can check out their Instagram handle, too @michiganskymedia. Michigan Sky media is based in Traverse City, Michigan. So if you ever come across a breathtaking picture on their website, Traverse City might be the next place you want to explore. In fact, you may even want to live there.


9.      Lisa Marie Prang (Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger)

Michigan is certainly home to some of the best fashion bloggers, and Michigander Lisa Marie has proved to be one of the best with her constant chic and bohemian styles. Check out her fashion blog LMP for some amazing styling inspo and closet advice. Lisa definitely makes living in Michigan seem more stylish and luxurious. Some of her favorite spots for shopping and blogging include Holland and the Great Lakes, where she spent her entire childhood. She loves traveling to Novi and Detroit. For daily style updates, you can follow her on Instagram at @lisamarieprang


10. Kari Skubik (Food, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger)

Kari Skubik is a mom who loves to multitask her hobbies through life. Besides being a food blogger, she dabbles in fashion and lifestyle as well. At the same time, she incorporates aspects of her life as a mother into her blogs, encouraging moms in Michigan to follow their dreams while taking care of kids. Kari is a real fashion diva and loves sharing unique recipes and products on her blog and app. You’ve got to check out Kari’s blog ‘’don’t dress like a Mom’’ for a fantastic blogging experience.



Final Words

The top 10 bloggers of Michigan mentioned above will show you the different sides of Michigan that you’ve never seen before. Blogging is a full-time job in today’s world, but it involves more passion and determination compared to other jobs that simply require getting the job done. Explore the beautiful sights, culture, and food through these bloggers by following their Instagram handles and websites. You never know- this might inspire you to become a Michigan-based blogger too!

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