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Pleasant Ridge Michigan: Modern Homes, Shared Community, History, and Sports Complex

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Pleasant Ridge is an attractive city in Oakland County in the state of Michigan, the U.S. It is a northern suburb of Metro Detroit and spread on a land area of 0.57 square miles. Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, is the fifth smallest city in the County, comes after the cities of Keego Harbor, Clarkston, Sylvan Lake, and Petersburg.

This city offers many places to spend beautiful evenings in the summer. You can also go to the covered locations such as restaurants for entertaining, recreational activities in the colder months. The citizens are always ready to welcome other ethnic groups in their town.

Let’s learn about this lovely city’s history, community, and other aspects.

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History of Pleasant Ridge

Pleasant Ridge came into existence with the subdivision of the Mayday farm in 1913. It emerged as a village in 1921 and developed as a city in 1927.

Interesting Fact: The city’s council approved the plans of the first bar in December 2009, before that Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, was a dry community.

In case you don’t know, a dry county is the one that does not allow the sale of alcoholic beverages, and there are many dry counties across the U.S.

Pleasant Ridge got its name from the ridge that once ran through this beautiful city. One of the most popular places of the Pleasant Ridge was the Hedge’s Wigwam. It was a cafeteria-style restaurant with a Native American theme. The restaurant was located Woodward and 10 Mile from 1927 until 1967.

Pleasant Ridge Community

This beautiful city has ethnic diversity, which adds more beauty to this town. You can find people belonging to different believes and cultures in Pleasant Ridge. The most important thing is that everyone lives together with peace and harmony. The community of this city is helping and humble. Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, has a population of almost 2, 445 people.

In Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, the white people are in the majority, with a percentage of 89.49. Asians are almost 2.13%, Black Americans are 2.05%, Native Americans are 0.29%, and Pacific Islanders are 0.25%.

Moreover, 92.93% of the population speaks only English, and 7.07% population speaks other languages. Other than English, the most common language is Indo-European. Almost 4.68% of the population speaks this language.

Stunning Modern Homes

This city has historical places and homes, which are symbolic of the growth of the town. However, Pleasant Ridge is also home to some beautiful residential areas. The town has some pretty infrastructure which attracts people to live in this place.

You can find some modern and eye-catching homes in places like Wellesley Dr, Millington Rd, Cambridge Blvd, Woodward Heights Blvd, and Ridge Rd. You will find different techniques and materials in the construction of the houses. Also, you can see houses with red brick or buildings made half of the glasses in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan.

There are other areas of the town such as Elberton Dr, Kensington Blvd, and Sylvan Ave, where you can also get beautiful views from the houses. However, the outlook is pretty from almost everywhere in the town. This is because the city has greenery and parks, which makes it attractive for both adults and children.

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Variety of Sports Complexes

Pleasant Ridge has a variety of parks and sports complexes. You can enjoy the evening, sitting on the bench or playing football with your friends. The well-maintained city offers walkability and is also dog-friendly.

The city has a culture of recreational activities, which is why the government has made some attractive parks that offer activities for both adults and children.

Let’s talk about some of these parks.

Gainsboro Park

Gainsboro Park was reconstructed in 2016 and is popular among the folks because of its great features, including:

  • Baseball diamond
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis courts
  • Playgrounds ( for 2-5 and 5-12 years old)
  • Open recreation space
  • Walking paths
  • Dog park
Pleasant Ridge Michigan

Gainsboro Park

Community Center Park

Community Center Park is behind the community center. The park got a makeover in 2017 to add more facilities in this beautiful spot. The following are some features of this park.

  • Play area for 5 to 12-year-old children
  • Volleyball court
  • Outdoor patio gathering space
  • Open recreation space

This park also offers summer camp activities and other events throughout the year.

Other Parks

There are many other parks like Woodward Greenbelt Parks and Ferndale Lower Elementary Parks. Some of them only have recreational spaces. However, many of the parks allow you to enjoy different games in large areas.

More about Pleasant Ridge

Climate and Weather

You can enjoy some beautiful weather in Pleasant Ridge. The months from August to July are the most appealing and comfortable. While January and February may cause you discomfort, the other months are also great and smooth.

Real Estate

You learned that Pleasant Ridge has some beautiful homes; however, you must know that they are a bit on the expensive side. The average home cost in the town is $331,500, and the average rental cost is $1,336. Almost 96% of the population is living in their own houses. The remaining population stays in the rental properties. Pleasant Ridge has the seventh-highest same-sex household ratio in the country.


The high living standards of the town also emphasize the education of the children. The public schools in Pleasant Ridge spend around $12,560 per student. Note that this is more than the average school expenditure in the U.S., which is $12,383.

Moreover, there are around 18 students per teacher in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan. Royal Oak High School, Ferndale High School, Oakland Elementary School, and Royal Oak Middle School are some of the best education institutions in the town. Almost 38.6% of the population holds a bachelor’s degree, and 32.6% are graduates.

Bottom Line

Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, offers so many facilities for its citizens to provide a peaceful and entertaining life. If you are looking to live a life in a town where you can meet different people, live in the best home, and want regular entertaining and recreational activities, Pleasant Ridge is best for you.

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