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The Scariest Haunted Houses in Michigan

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October is here, which marks the start of the fall season. You will find Halloween costumes, decorations, and props in all malls and shops to celebrate. While you can enjoy many activities with your friends and family, visiting traditional haunted houses in Michigan is the most exciting thing you can do. So, if you want to visit some of the scariest haunted houses in Michigan, you have come to the right place.

You will have the ultimate experience with fun and excitement in this thrilling adventure. We have compiled a list of the top haunted houses in Michigan. Each house has a spooky vibe that will scare you and also create suspense. So, check our list of the creepiest places in Michigan to visit this Halloween.


1.     Azra Chamber of Horrors

Azra Chamber of Horrors - Metro Detroit - Haunted House


This haunted house in Madison Heights, Michigan, is our first pick for all the right reasons. The experience is worth the time, especially during the fall season. The most amazing thing about this haunted house is that it has a score of nearly 9.4 out of 10 and lists among the top 20 best haunted houses in the state. Moreover, it has multiple floors that look like a maze to all visitors. Also, when you are inside, the lighting, environment, and thrill will immerse you completely.

The place where it’s built was once a laser tag arena, which means that it is spacious than other haunted houses on the list. So, there will be more fun, as each chamber is more menacing than the last. The great effects, cast, design, and horrific applications are enough to visit Azra Chamber this fall if you are looking for some next-level fun.

2.     DarkSyde Acres

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This haunted house is located in Jonesville, Michigan. There is no limit to the thrill and adventure you can enjoy in DarkSyde Acres. Additionally, this haunted house claims to be one of the spookiest sites for horror lovers in the entire state. What’s more, it covers over 38 acres or nearly 70,000 square feet. The main attractions here include the Rusthole, the experience of the industrial horror that sends chills down the spine, and a chainsaw maze.

Furthermore, it has the state’s only haunted pirate ship along with violence-warnings to instill fear as visitors move from one corner of the house to the other. In case you love to watch clown horror, the 3D Haunted Clown Adventure is just for you.

3.     Edson Incident

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Did you ever consider paying a visit to a haunted ship? This haunted house in Bay City has the USS Edson ship that was a Navy Destroyer from the Vietnam era. It’s the history of this place and the effort of the cast in this haunted house that makes it super scary and an experience of a lifetime. The house illustrates an incident from the military. This theme has over five different fear levels.

However, to make the experience memorable for all visitors, there is a final fight that goes on between good and evil, which leaves people guessing. The interesting part about the ship is that in real life, it had the nickname “Gray Ghost of the Vietnamese Coast.”

4.     Erebus


This one is located in Pontiac, Michigan, and carries the title of being one of the most popular haunted houses in the US. It makes more sense to say that this haunted house is one of the spookiest places when you realize that it has been running since the 2000s. Additionally, it is a commercial building with four floors and a wide area of 100,000 sqft. It was also among the list of the haunted house featuring the longest walk-through for the ultimate adventure. You will notice the scariest and most talented monsters, ghouls, creepers, costumes, and special effects.

5.     Mackinaw Manor Haunted Mansion

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Did you know that there are automated haunted houses out there? Well, this haunted mansion located in Mackinaw City, Michigan, is one of them. It features state-of-the-art and the latest sound systems that scare the visitors at every step. Furthermore, there are animatronics and special effects. Some visitors consider it a fierce experience, as it promises to provide the most thrilling adventure for haunted attraction lovers. What’s more, the haunted house will make you recoil and scare you with the most powerful screamers, right from when you enter till you exit. So, you can rest assured that your time here will not go to waste this fall season.

6.     Niles Scream Park

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If you are in Niles, Michigan, there is no reason not to visit this big haunted house production. The Niles Scream Park offers escape rooms in addition to six main attractions that are present over a large area of 44 acres. Did you know that the owners and experts rebuild this amazing haunted attraction every year to offer something new to the visitors?

In fact, it is so big and offers so many routes to explore the house, the owners say that you may have to enter it at least seven times to experience the fun of all the routes. The most thrilling and suspenseful attraction at this site involves blindfolding in addition to a hayride and maze. However, it requires you to sign a waiver and follow the 18-year-older-rule.


Do you wish to experience the most thrilling and craziest adventure? Well, the fall season is here, and there is no other way to add to the fun than visiting haunted houses in Michigan. So, start your haunted house hunt by choosing the most appealing option from above.

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