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Tips for Planning Your Michigan Vacation

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Travel Tips for Planning Your Michigan Vacation


Whether you’re planning a trip to the Beer City of the US (i.e. Grand Rapids) or the historical landmark city (i.e. Detroit), read this post to plan the perfect vacation. If you’ve got time on your hands to take your family with you to Michigan, why not get the best travel tips to plan your Michigan vacation. A well-planned vacation offers the best experience. Unlike other tourists and vacationers who’re too excited about their trip, you should take some time off your watch to make sure your family and you can enjoy it fully. Don’t worry, though – planning the perfect vacation isn’t as hectic as you think it will be.

Travel Tips for Planning Your Michigan Vacation

With the help of our expert opinion and tips below, you can plan a perfect vacation to Michigan in no time. It’s quite challenging to know what things to consider first. But, we can help alleviate those concerns. So, here’s what you should know to plan the most comfortable vacation of your life!

So, are you ready to get the most helpful travel tips for your Michigan vacation? Well, here’re the things that must remain at the top of your mind when you’re planning the vacation:

Find the Picture-Perfect Destination

Choosing where you will stay and spend the time when vacationing in Michigan is one of the most important things to consider. You can’t move from resort to resort, searching for the best accommodation deals with your family and all your heavy luggage. Before you hit the road, you have to make sure you have the perfect place to stay. There are a lot of ongoing discounts and deals at the best resorts in places such as Ann Arbor, Beverly Hills, and other places.

Depending on how you plan to vacation in Michigan, the best approach would be to find a picture-perfect destination. Not sure what that is? Well, everyone’s vacation should be a memorable one. So, find a resort or place to stay where you can take the most beautiful pictures and create memories with your friends or family.

A lot of families like The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island as a wonderful place to stay. With all the amenities and beautiful views it offers, the historical significance is attractive to many individuals.

Mackinac Island Grand Hotel - Free photo on Pixabay


Plan a Road Trip

Are you planning on taking cabs and town buses? If so, you might miss out on seeing natural and scenic routes around Michigan. Michigan is full of natural beauty ranging from the Great Lakes and cornfields to breezy coastal areas and historical landmarks. Considering a road trip is one of the best travel tips for planning your Michigan vacation. You enjoy beautiful tree tunnels when moving across winding roads.

Plus, you will get to see the most stunning coastlines in Michigan. You can find the historic lighthouses, and not to forget, Michigan has some of the best art museums in the US as well. Michigan is full of cultural diversity and has immense historical significance. Also, many destinations across Michigan are pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your pooch in the care of someone else.

Choose Your Experience

There’s an endless list of things you can do in Michigan. To make the most of your trip, remember to plan out what you actually want to see when you visit Michigan. Many people thought that North Michigan didn’t offer much, aside from its long beaches. In addition, some tourists and vacationers even thought that going to the beaches might be a waste of time. Here’s are two of the most loved beaches that tourists love in Michigan:

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore | Lake Michigan, Pyra… | Flickr



However, the beaches in Michigan are a lovely vacation spot for those who long for cold and humid breezes with huts near the coastline. Where do you want to go and what you want to experience are probably two of the biggest factors to consider when planning your Michigan vacation. Perhaps, you can relax on the sunny beach and enjoy the cold riptides in the evening!

Or, you can visit summer festivals and enjoy the countless games and festivities that locals dive into during the time of the year you’re planning to visit. One of the most amazing film festivals that take place during summer in Michigan is the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Of course, if anyone in the group or you love filmmaking or viewing, it’s a festival you must not miss!

ann arbor film fest #50 | Steve Warner thurs eve pre-show - … | Flickr


You can also take your family to some of the best dining spots in Michigan around towns like Holland, Charlevoix, or Traverse City. You will find one of the most tantalizing menus and the best scenic views at Zingerman’s Delicatessen in Ann Arbor.

Zingerman's Delicatessen | Zingerman's Delicatessen, Ann Arb… | Flickr


If someone in your family or friends’ group is a history-lover and enthusiast, you can take them to Mackinac Island or Detroit for an engaging cultural experience. If you want to surround yourself with nature, biking, hiking, or other similar activities are the right choice. In that case, you can visit Copper Harbor and Marquette to unleash your adventurous self!

Don’t Exhaust Yourself with Too Much Planning!

If you ask us, one of the main travel tips to plan your Michigan vacation is to keep yourself active and energized. Of course, planning each and every aspect of the trip isn’t necessary. Once you’re in Michigan, you can make changes to your itinerary. Perhaps, indulging in too much planning and creating itineraries will take away the chance to actually enjoy everything you hope to. As most tourists and vacationers suggest, spending too much time planning actually leaves little time to make memories. So, unwind with total relaxation once you’re in Michigan. Also, don’t forget to hit one of the best massage and spa places like Beach House Day Spa in Birmingham, Michigan.

Wellness, Massage, Reiki


Once you’ve gone through the places you already picked before arriving, try indulging with the locals and see what fun activities you can find to fully enjoy your vacation. Don’t keep your planning journal full with pre-planned activities. Leave some room to explore!


These were some of the best travel tips for planning your Michigan vacation. Well, if you’re looking for real estate property in the beautiful state of Michigan, you can contact Crown Properties International. Whether you’re inspired by the natural features of Ann Arbor or the architectural landmarks of Troy and Rochester Hills, Crown Properties International can help you find the perfect real estate for you. Working with a group of experts at our firm will help you pick the best residential property to fit your family’s needs.

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