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Top 10 Luxurious Houses in Southeast Michigan

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Are you looking around for the most luxurious houses in Southeast Michigan? If so, then you’re in the right place – this post is just for you. Here’s a list of the most luxurious houses in Southeast Michigan in this article to help you make up your mind about purchasing real estate. Buying your dream house is a big investment and you must have all the available options at hand to make the right decision. For some people, purchasing residential real estate is an activity that takes place once in a lifetime.


To make sure that you aren’t looking at the wrong properties to purchase, we have compiled a small list of luxury houses that are appealing, functional, and high-value. Take a thorough look and learn more about the best real estate property dealers in Southeast Michigan.

Top 10 Most Luxurious Houses in Southeast Michigan

Before you make up your mind about real estate, you must look through all the possible options to invest in. If you’re in the market for a luxury house, check out some of these luxurious houses in Southeast Michigan.

1. Castello Montebello in Northville, MI

  • Price: $12.5 Million

If you have an impressive investment and are looking for prime residential property in Southeast Michigan, this luxurious house is an amazing investment. You can see the Ambassador Bridge and the amazing Independence Day fireworks as clear as day from here. The 17,000 square feet of space offers an incredible list of amenities, including multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a home theater as well.

2. Turtle Lake Drive in Bloomfield Hills, MI

  • Price: $9.9 Million

This house made it on Forbes’ list of the most expensive housing in each state. It’s among the most exclusive entries in Michigan, located in Bloomfield Hills. Offering 13 bathrooms with two for every bedroom, this property covers an area of over 15,600 square feet. While this property was among the most luxurious houses in Southeast Michigan valued at over $12 million, it is now for sale at a fairly reasonable rate, $9.9 million!

3. 824 Lakeshore Dr in Grosse Pointe, MI

  • Price: $8.5 Million


This luxurious residential property is located over 4.3 acres of land and was built around 1948. An opulent living environment with extensive moving space within the property, you can enjoy living with 4 separate bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. This luxury property is equipped with a central air conditioning system that is still functional. It has 3 attached garage spaces for spacious parking.

4. 984 Lake Shore Road in Grosse Pointe Shores, MI

  • Price: $8.2 Million (~ 8,195,000)


Located along upside Lake St. Clair, the luxurious house in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan, offers an amazing living environment. With more than six fireplaces and a private theater setup inside, you don’t have to worry about indoor entertainment. With over 4 bedrooms for you to live comfortably and relax with guests and a fitness center, you get a fantastic experience. The best part about this property is the lavish kitchen style that comes with plenty of facilities to help with family routines. It has centrally-heated floors for the garage along with an extra laundry room, so there’s nothing more a family can wish for in a house.

5. 7420 Inner Circle Dr in Bloomfield Hills, MI

  • Price: $5.7 Million (~$5,699,000)


Speaking of a single-family residence, this house tops the list as one of the most luxurious houses in Southeast Michigan. Built in 2005, the house features 6 bedrooms and over 8 bathrooms in total. Moreover, the property is equipped with a central air conditioning system with joint garage space. It covers an area of over 11.4 acres.

6. 18585 Sheldon Rd in Northville, MI

  • Price: $4.9 Million


Do you have a taste for spacious interiors and luxury? If so, then this modern single-family size residential property offers everything for an opulent living experience. From 9 separate bedrooms to over 14 bathrooms all spread out across the property, you won’t run out of space to decorate and rest. Covering 2.3 acres of land, the property has a total of 4 garage spaces (two of which are partially attached).

7. 220 Lake Park Dr in Birmingham, MI

  • Price: $4.9 Million


With 6 attached garage spaces, this luxurious living space offers various facilities for first-time luxury homeowners. Covering only about an acre of land, this double-story house offers 5 separate bedrooms with 7 bathrooms overall. When you talk about living a life full of leisure, this house in Birmingham, Michigan should ring a bell!

8. 15530 Windmill Pointe Dr in Grosse Pointe Park, MI

  • Price: $4.75 Million


This opulent single-family residence, covering 1.8 acres of land, stands firm among the list of the most luxurious houses in Southeast Michigan. This luxurious residence boasts over 9 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms to accommodate a large-size family. It’s more than enough space for a single family to reside and own multiple vehicles, thanks to four attached garage spaces. The house has a 1929-style architectural build. It’s no less than the Royal family house that you see in most movies!

9. 251 Lincoln Rd in Grosse Pointe, MI

  • Price: $3.2 Million


This triple-story residential structure will remain a prized jewel in Southeast Michigan’s lineup of expensive houses. Over a century old architecture that looks both appealing and freshly restored, the single-family luxurious real estate has over 10 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. There are four joint garage spaces with a central air conditioning system.

10. Eaton County Farmhouse in Eaton County, MI

  • Price: $2.5 Million

While the price tag is still high, this luxurious house in Southeast Michigan offers a staggering list of facilities. From five bedrooms and four separate bathrooms to a formal dining room, the property boasts amazing architecture. This Eaton County farmhouse offers a separate in-law apartment with a second house that can easily be put on rent. The property dwells on Michigan entry with a river running right through it.


Do you find any of the above mentioned houses appealing? Those aren’t the only ones! Michigan has a lot to offer. From education to healthcare services, industries are still booming in the Midwest. If you wish to search for more luxurious houses in Southeast Michigan, make sure you contact Crown Properties International for details.

Crown Properties International is among the top real estate dealers in the region. With trained and experienced professionals, you will enjoy a seamless property buying experience. If you wish to sell your Michigan properties contact Crown Properties International today!

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