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Top Properties in Bloomfield Hills

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properties in Bloomfield Hills


Are you looking for the top properties in Bloomfield Hills? The quaint little city is located in Oakland County in the state of Michigan. As per the 2010 census and there is no current data, the population is approximately 4,000 people. The city has a closely-knit community that bonds over Bloomfield residency culture and tradition. The people living in the city are humble and friendly, so you have a good chance of making new friends. The city itself is part of the southern region of the US, which houses some of the most encouraging residential planning and employment opportunities.

If you plan to buy your next residence in Bloomfield Hills of Oakland County in Michigan, this post is for you. Why is that? Well, we will be listing some of the top properties in Bloomfield Hills that have come up for sale recently.

Top Properties in Bloomfield Hills

Finding a property isn’t easy because you have to consider a lot of factors beforehand. Plus, every property that may seem like the perfect dream home can have a few defects. But with Crown Properties International, you’ll feel quite optimistic. Here’re the top properties in Bloomfield Hills:

1.      1355 Orchard Ridge Road*UMqsGyLTeVk2vgx0UtReISggho((XOymwXKcuu3GUTQ))

The $1.35 million single-family home for sale is located at 1355 Orchard Ridge Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304. It’s a new and currently active listing. The house features rare and prestigious aesthetics. Exuding a 1900’s aesthetic, the house has 4 bedrooms, 5 baths (1 partial bath and 4 full baths), and a total area of 3,206 sqft. As a new homeowner, you can restore the 1911-built to your own specifications and needs. The barrel ceiling combined with natural light during daytime appears completely magical.

2.      2565 Lahser Road

This single-family home for sale is located at 2565 Lahser Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304. The total area inside the house is over 4,400 sqft and it’s worth $878,000. The residential real estate offers 4 full bedrooms and 6 total baths (1 partial bath, 5 full baths). The property listing is active and is one of the most recent ones on the website. The property boasts a contemporary living style and offers modern aesthetics combined with a double-story structure.

You will have a whole tree-bordered personal backyard that you can also see through the expansive overlooking deck. The single-family home offers a circular driveway and 3 car garages to accommodate a small collection of cars.

3.      1100 Orchard Ridge Road*CC5tEJ4yvEoqzO2puPEs8X2Vj2X5NvC4hW4AIWN(MeA))

The 1100 Orchard Ridge Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 is a spectacular 3.4-acre retreat located along Orchard Ridge Road. It’s one of the most luxurious properties among the top properties in Bloomfield Hills and is worth $3.9 million. The real estate offers an area of over 11,000 sqft, and 11 total baths (4 partial baths, 7 full baths). The property is a recent listing and is currently active. However, we believe that the listing for a property offering the best of both contemporary and comfortable living won’t stay open for long!

4.      95 W Hickory Grove Road*aUiE6JcGOOg8TNm7kfQTHcPEkIPO3n*J2TdEA5Aob7w))

The house worth $749,900 at 95 W Hickory Grove Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 is among the best value real estate in Michigan. It’s a single-family home with an active fireplace, hardwood flooring, fresh paint, new carpets, and a lot of other new things. It offers a total area of 4,017 sqft. The real estate contains 4 full bedrooms and 4 total baths (1 partial bath and 3 full baths). The house even features a private library if you plan to have a studious household. The backyard of the house features a pond, mature tree-line, and lovely garden area.

This residential space with its fresh paint and carpet installations can be the perfect opportunity for your family to experience a stylish lifestyle with maximum comfort. And don’t forget, the house also features a built-in gas fireplace!

5.      1370 Country Club Road

Spread across 1.7 acres of land, the prestigious manor house offers a residential living area of over 4,400 sqft. It has 3 full bedrooms along with 5 total baths (1 partial bath and 4 full baths). The final cost of this residential real estate located in the heart of Bloomfield Hills is approximately $2 million. The interior décor features intricate moldings, bookshelves, a paneled library, and a lot more. You will also get a limestone fireplace. The property also has a 620 sqft guest house with a kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

The spacious living room combined with gorgeous firework moldings and trims is a sight for sore eyes. Talking about the kitchen, it’s everything out of the ordinary. From captivating colors and décor to modern appliances and furnished countertops, you can be the dream chef under the roof.

6.      570 Rudgate Road*Tg))

570 Rudgate Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303 single-family home is selling for $3.3 million approximately. The real estate offers 5 full bedrooms and 5 total baths (1 partial bath and 4 full baths). The property covers a total area of nearly 4,900 sqft. This listing is relatively new and has been active for quite some time. The property will surely offer the curb appeal that the owner wants. Offering a perfect mix of contemporary and traditional aesthetics, the house is a perfect secluded living space.

The timeless stone exterior of the house represents a classy finish. The bedrooms are newly renovated and the bathrooms are no less than cozy spas. Besides, whenever you wish to relax in this prestigious residence, you can sit by the gas fireplace in the library with your favorite book and a cup of hot coffee in hand.

7.      597 Yarboro Drive*QhI5TkHGG8KLPGqUP49Bxf7IlPu8*x3ilt3l4ueP4A))

This house is worth $3.9 million approximately and offers 6 full bedrooms and 8 total baths (1 partial bath and 7 full baths). The property is spread over an area of 6,000 sqft in Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304. From a second kitchen to a gym and perfectly designed bedrooms, the place offers an artistic facet to a single-family residence.

This single-family home is a work of art where modern architecture meets impressive traditional architectural designs. It’s a flawless living space featuring hidden safes, front motor court, separate garages, stunning fireplace with library, and generous second floor loft.

The 597 Yarboro Drive is 2012-built and offers the most unique contemporary architectural touches around the property. It’s a treasure for those who can notice the real aesthetics and features of this top-class residential property.

8.      550 Haverhill Road*knG626TNOT8Q))

This 550 Haverhill Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 single-family residence is worth $3 million (estimate). It offers 5 full bedrooms along with 7 total baths (1 partial bath and 6 full baths). The property spreads over a 5,750 sqft area. From a highly decorated backsplash in the fully functional kitchen to a carefully-maintained fireplace, the house is everything that you need for a modern residence.

9.      240 E Hickory Grove Road*Q))

The single-family house is worth $1.8 million and is located at 240 E Hickory Grove Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304. It’s a prestigious residential property that shows the significance of historical landscaping and estate. The property offers 8 full bedrooms along with 7 total baths (2 partial baths and 5 full baths). The property covers an area of 7,400 sqft and is surrounded by fresh green forestry. Tall trees and dense bushes around the property make it a secluded space. Hence, a single-family looking for their piece of paradise in Michigan will find this property highly fulfilling.

You will have brand new appliances around the house. The main architectural features of the 1.5 acres picturesque property include leaded glass windows, slate roof, stained oak trim, high-quality hardwood flooring, and robust copper gutters.

10. 400 Martell Drive

Stepping into this exquisitely designed art deco home will give your living style a contemporary touch with all the necessary amenities at hand. The property located at 400 Martel Drive, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 is worth $3 million. It’s a dream home with its artistic, double-story, two-building structure, and luxurious swimming pool in the backyard. It offers a separate outdoor lounge, 5 full bedrooms, and 7 total baths (1 partial bath and 6 full baths).

The house is only a couple of blocks away from Cranbrook Campus. It has beautiful outdoor spaces covered with trees forming a pleasant borderline to the property. The 400 Martell Drive residential property is a dream-come-true for those love taking long outdoor walks.

The entire house features professional-grade appliances with a center kitchen island. The master suite is completely top-notch with the fashionable interior décor and a stunning fireplace.


Did you make up your mind after learning about all the available properties in Bloomfield Hills? Crown Properties International can help you find the perfect residential real estate in Bloomfield Hills or any other Southeastern part of Michigan. We have over 30 years of experience as real estate property dealers in the region.

Serving clients from different states including Michigan, Florida, California, New York, and Texas, we keep our clients satisfied and happy. You can trust us with the task of finding the perfect residential property based on your needs and requirements.

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