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What are the Requirements to Become a Real Estate Agent in Michigan?

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The real estate industry has played a major role in helping people find their dream home and other business practices to function in the right environment. Are you looking to become a real estate agent in Michigan? This is a lucrative career choice that’s sure to improve your future job prospects. Becoming a real estate agent in Michigan is not easy, but at the same time, it is also not difficult as the process may seem lengthy, but all you need is a bit of effort and determination.

The Michigan Real Estate Commission has set numerous requirements on becoming a real estate agent. For instance, you need to take a 40-hour class-a requirement for the licensing test. To learn more about becoming a real estate agent in Michigan, stick around and read below. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to become one successfully.


Step-By-Step Guide on How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Michigan

To make the process seem easier, here is a step-by-step guide on how to be a real estate agent in Michigan. By following these guidelines, you’re on your way to being a crucial part of Michigan’s real estate industry.

1.      Register with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation (LARA)

The first thing you must do is see if you can meet the minimum requirement of becoming a real estate agent in Michigan. These requirements consist of being a US Citizen, over the age of 18, without a criminal background. Once you for sure know you can meet these requirements, you can start registering with LARA online.

Start by creating an online account on the official LARA website. You will be unable to complete the registration form in one go as it will ask for your pre-licensure education. Hence, you can only complete it when you’re through with the pre-licensing education in the next step.


2.      Complete the 40-Hour Pre-Licensing Course

In the next step, you have to work on the studying part of becoming a real estate agent in Michigan. This is one of the most important stages that will help you become one. As per the requirement, you have to complete exactly 40 hours of a pre-license course. You have the choice to complete this course online or from a recognized institution.

After completing the required hours successfully, the school you completed the course from will submit your completion certificate to the state of Michigan as proof that you have completed 40 hours. Make sure to keep records of your certificates, as you will need this when applying for your licensure, which you should do within 36 months of finishing your pre-licensing course.

3.      Submission of the Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Application

In this step, you have to work towards your licensing application. You can start applying for this on If you already did this in the first step, you can skip this bit. This step involves the continuation of the application. Now, you can fill in your pre-licensing education requirements, pay the license fee, and finally submit an application.

If you have a broker sponsorship, you have to pay around $88, and your broker will have to be aware of this as they have to confirm the sponsorship you mentioned on the application. It is okay if you don’t have a broker. You can just inform the state of Michigan, but your application will remain pending until you find one. You will have to find one within a year of starting your application.

4.      Give the Exam to Become a Real Estate Agent in Michigan

Once you have submitted your application and don’t have to submit any additional documents, you will receive an email regarding the authorization of your exam from the state of Michigan. The email will contain your candidate number and additional instructions for the exam. You can then schedule your exam with the state’s testing partner PSI. When doing so, you have to pay an examination fee of $76. You will have three hours to complete the test and will attain your results within 48 hours or after giving your exam. You will be able to see the results on your licensing application.


5.      Get In touch with a Real Estate Broker

After successfully passing your exam, you have to get your picture taken as a sign of proof that the Michigan real estate salesperson license is issued to you by LARA. Next step: find a real estate broker to start working in Michigan’s real estate industry. You have to ensure that you find a reputable and trained real estate broker who will help you grow in this industry.

Tips on How to Pass the Real Estate Exam in Michigan

Giving the exam is not that hard, but to make sure you pass successfully, you have to prepare right away. Instead of panicking, go through some of the tips mentioned below on how to pass the exam successfully:

  • Choose the best Education Provider: When choosing, make sure you go for one that has a lot of experience so that you achieve the right prep from them.
  • Schedule your Exam Properly: Schedule your exam as soon as you’re done with the 40-hour course. This way, whatever you’ve studied is still fresh, and you feel confident giving it as early as possible.
  • Always go through The PSI Bulletin: When taking the test, you will receive a bulletin from the test administrator. Make sure you read that for the right guidance.
  • Practice, Practice: Take the PSI’s practice test



If you want to become a real estate agent in Michigan, be it in Farmington, Troy, Pontiac, or any other community in Michigan, follow the abovementioned steps on attaining your license and you’re good to go. The process can seem a bit tricky, but once you follow the steps above, you don’t have to worry about anything.  If you’re in search of a real estate broker, get in touch with Crown Properties International.

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