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Learn to Find the Best Real Estate Agents in Berkley

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Choosing a real estate agent is challenging, and picking the wrong one is painful. For your required deal for selling and buying any property, it is essential to hire a professional who can fulfill all your requirements. To pick the best real estate agents in Berkley, you need to consider the following points.

How to Pick the Best Real Estate Agents in Berkley

Know the Difference between Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker

Real estate agents have a license from the state to buy and sell homes on behalf of a client. They also sit for an examination to become a real estate agent. Moreover, agents have the option of becoming a real estate broker by sitting for a broker license exam or completing any education established by the estate. Brokers also have many agents who work under them.

On the other hand, a realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors. This organization has its own rules. These standards include not interfering in any transaction, preventing any conflict of interest, and they don’t take commissions ahead of time.

Moreover, a realtor is always a broker or an agent, but a broker and agent aren’t necessarily realtors. So, it is better if you can find a realtor.

Do Some Research

Start searching for real estate agents from the internet. Check websites and social media accounts of potential candidates. Check the details on the platforms where they are promoting themselves. You can also view their online reviews. Ignore if they have a couple of bad reviews, but if they have many, then it could be a red flag. When you choose agents, check your city’s real estate regulations to verify the agent’s license.

Interview More Than Two Real Estate Agents

You can identify real estate agents’ style and experience by interviewing them before hiring. You can find out whether they are right to hire for your target area and your expected budget.

Check how professionals and polished they are. Carefully inspect how they are presenting themself to you. If they are putting in an effort with their presentation, they will likely do the same when they work for you.

Through interviews, you will also understand the agents’ method of communication. You will even know when and how they will be available for you. If you want to keep in contact with your agent of text and want to visit homes after your work, then an agent who will be ready to do the same will be great for you.


The most important quality you need in a real estate agent is responsiveness. In the market, in most areas that are demanding, houses go on sale quickly. It would help if you were first to give an offer in your favorite place to get it without letting it out from your hands.

You can ask you, acquaintances and friends, if their real estate agent is responsive. Also, it’s important to ask, “If they answer their phone calls and do they reply to emails promptly?” A person who responds to this hot market plays a vital role for you.

Should Have Knowledge about Your Desired Neighborhood

This is also very important. You should hire a real estate agent who is familiar with the areas you want to buy or sell a property. Someone who knows these areas will also have acquaintance with its cons and pros. They will even know how they can use the property’s qualities to your advantage.

If you hire a person who knows some other area from where you don’t want to buy and sell a property, they will be useless to sell and buy in your desired neighborhood. So, it is better to search for agents who can work in your desired places.

Verify Their License

People often don’t believe that an agent can lie about their license, but it can happen. A person with a fall license can also put you in danger. So it is better to verify license before hiring them. It is easy to check the real estate agent’s license is legitimate. You can check the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (AERELLO) to verify a license. They have data from all the registered and licensed agents.

Bottom Line

Selling and buying any property is always a headache. Real estate agents can help you a lot to get your required deal. However, some real estate agents don’t have the qualities to meet your requirements. To get the best real estate agents in Berkley, you need to consider some aspects such as verifying their license, taking an interview, and checking their online presence.

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