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Properties in the City of Birmingham

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Are you searching for properties in the city of Birmingham? Well, this post is for you! Birmingham is a lively city in the state of Michigan with friendly neighborhoods and numerous towns. In addition, the living environment in Birmingham, MI has an urban appeal.

The city offers nearly all the amenities you are looking for including parks, themed restaurants, live movie theaters, schools, hospitals, and more. What’s more, the city is home to several ethnic groups including Polish, Italian, and German.

The cultural diversity breathes life into the city and makes it a highly hospitable place to live. But, finding the right residential real estate isn’t easy when you’re new. So, check out some of the hottest properties in the city of Birmingham below.

Top 10 Properties in the City of Birmingham

We went through the latest listings in Birmingham to compile a list of several lucrative properties in the city of Birmingham. These include:

1.      598 Riverstone Drive, Birmingham, MI 48009

This single-family home sells for $1.4 million approximately. The double-story house offers an inexplicable view via the gallery/ balcony opening connected directly to the main staircase. Additionally, the house offers high ceilings, an island kitchen, and a spacious living room.

The house consists of 3 bedrooms and 4 total baths (3 full baths and 1 partial bath). This modern architecture extends over a 3,840 sqft area. It’s one of the best properties in the city of Birmingham for families that want to have a fully-facilitated and luxurious lifestyle.

2.      211 Valley View Lane, Birmingham, MI 48009

The $3.25 million single-family residence in Birmingham, MI features a sleek architecture. Covering over a 4,000 sqft area, the residential space offers a relaxed and modern lifestyle for all types of families. You will find a total of 4 bedrooms and 4 baths (3 full baths and 1 partial bath).

The double-story house with modern exterior and interior decorations combined with centrally-heated floors and a generous yard is something that most single-families desire in Birmingham.

3.      388 Greenwood Street, Birmingham, MI 48009

If you’re looking for spacious properties in the city of Birmingham, MI, you will find one on 388 Greenwood Street for approximately $2.5 million. The single-family home is a new listing on the platform and offers a total residential area of over 5,700 sqft.

The overall design and theme of the property depicts lavishness and luxury. You will find 5 bedrooms and 7 total baths (5 full baths and 2 partial baths).

4.      699 Hanna Street, Birmingham, MI 48009

This residential real estate will cost you $2.2 million. It’s a single-family and double-story home. And, it has a balcony opening on the second floor facing outward (i.e. to the front of the house).

With a relaxing balcony view, 3 bedrooms, and 6 total baths (3 full baths and 3 partial baths), this place is the dream house for families that love a contemporary lifestyle and captivating interior design.

5.      640 Park Street, Birmingham, MI 48009

The net market value of the single-family residence on 640 Park Street is approximately $2 million. The property covers an expansive residential area of over 5,600 sqft. Moreover, the house brings 5 spacious bedrooms for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

On the other hand, the property offers 6 bathrooms in total (4 full baths and 2 partial baths). The residence brings all necessary facilities and convenience for a family.

6.      560 Pierce Street, Birmingham, MI 48009

At 560 Pierce Street, you have a beautifully colored real estate property designed and built for families that love living in style. The interior of the modern house has various color tones ranging from light to mild.

The staircase connects the ground floor to a spacious second floor and attic. The attic includes a full bedroom that can serve as a master bedroom. The property sells for $2.4 million approx. and offers a total of 5 bedrooms. Also, the house features 6 bathrooms (4 full baths and 2 partial baths).

7.      1895 Kenwood Court, Birmingham, MI 48009

Built in 1992, the expansive double-story house offers 4 bedrooms and 6 baths (4 full baths and 2 partial baths). The overall architecture resembles 20th-century architecture and offers a swift blend of contemporary and traditional house design.

The property sells for $2 million and is one of the latest listings in Birmingham. Furthermore, the property extends over a 5,000 sqft area.

8.      820 Puritan Avenue, Birmingham, MI 48009

The single-family home on 820 Puritan Avenue currently has a price of $2.85 million ( $2,825,000 to be exact). It spans over a 4,100 sqft area while offering early 20th-century architecture and house design. Built in 1929, the house offers 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms (4 full baths and 1 partial bath).

An upper-floor laundry room, a spacious dining room, sleek kitchen, and heated flooring make it worth consideration among families looking for residential properties in the city of Birmingham.

9.      1152 Lakeside Drive, Birmingham, MI 48009

The 1152 Lakeside Drive single-family home is selling for $925,000. Unlike other properties, it’s one of the top ones due to affordability for most single families.

The house expands over a 2,100 sqft area and offers 3 bedrooms. Likewise, it has 4 baths (3 full baths and 1 partial bath) for a convenient lifestyle. Moreover, it features decorative ceilings, a library (first floor), and a finished (livable) basement.

10. 680 Linden Road, Birmingham, MI 48009

The single-family residential property covers a 5,409 sqft area and is currently priced at $3.1 million. The house has 5 enormous bedrooms and 8 furnished baths (5 full baths and 3 partial baths). The house represents contemporary architecture as it finished construction in 2012.

Furthermore, it’s on 680 Linden Road, the two-story foyer offers a master suite in the penthouse (i.e. the fifth bedroom). Plus, the penthouse has all the amenities as the rest of the house. And, there are also two staircases connecting the house floors.


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